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2nd Amendment

Playing the Race Card, Again

Bloomberg Editorial - "Guns Are for White People" I just finished reading an article on the editorial page over at  The article was written by a guy named Francis Wilkinson (face pictured above), a suspiciously white…

Justice and Truth

The Zimmerman trial has displayed vividly the twisted reality of what the American Justice System has become. Everyone - including judges, attorneys, racial activists, media and many in the general population - proclaim that justice will be…

Pelosi Is At It Again

I have a theory about Nancy Pelosi and why other democrats keep her around. She is like that dumb kid in the class that bumps the whole bell curve up. She is the idiot that makes all the other idiots look smart.

Oprah Supports the 2nd Amendment?

Credit: AP On Thursday, Oprah stood before the graduating class at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass to deliver this year's commencement address.  During her speech she took on the issue of stricter background checks for firearms…