Castro And O’Rourke Compare President Trump To Hitler’s Third Reich Despite His Record

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Here we go again. When all else fails, throw the Hitler card. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former Obama administration Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro echoed fellow contender Beto O’Rourke‘s comparison between President Trump to Nazi Germany, despite the president’s track record with minorities that tells a totally different story.

Failed U.S. Senate candidate and 2020 contender Robert “Beto” O’Rourke compared President Trump’s remarks on foreign nationals and gang members last week to the rhetoric of Nazi Germany. Julian Castro gave an interview to NBC and flatly stated that the president had a similar strategy to Nazi Germany when asked if O’Rourke’s characterization was accurate, but he did not give any specific examples.

From Breitbart on Beto O’Rourke:

“He then recounts the words of a little girl he described as Mexican-American. O’Rourke said she asked why the president doesn’t like her. He said he asked himself, “What is that doing to her head and her conception of herself and what she’s able to contribute to this country when the President of the United States has called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals?” He hit the president further saying, “He went on to call asylum seekers ‘animals’ and an ‘infestation.’”

“President Trump previously called MS-13 gang members “animals,” at which Democrats shot back.

“Now we would not be surprised if in the Third Reich if other human beings were described as an infestation, as a cockroach, or a pest that you would want to kill, but to do that in 2017 or ’18 in the United States of America doesn’t make sense,” said O’Rourke.”

IJR points out that O’Rourke misquoted Trump’s comment from last year.

“I called them ‘animals’ the other day and I was met with rebuke,” Trump said at the time. He then clarified that he was referring to violent members of the MS-13 gang. Not only that but if you look at Trump’s track record and his actions, he has been a staunch champion of minority communities. His presidency has seen some of the lowest rates of minority unemployment ever and extensive bipartisan prison reform that will help many Americans.

When asked about the inflammatory comparison by a reporter after the town hall where Beto said this, O’Rourke stood by it and cited Trump’s calls to ban Muslims and his misconstrued remark at the beginning of his presidential campaign that Mexico was sending rapists to the U.S.

“Calling human beings an infestation is something that we might’ve expected to hear in Nazi Germany,” the former Texas congressman said. “Describing immigrants, who have a track record of committing violent crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans as rapists and criminals. Seeking to ban all Muslims — all people of one religion, what other country on the face of the planet does that kind of thing?”

“Putting kids in cages. Saying that neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists are very fine people,” he added, evoking Trump’s remarks in 2017 that there were “very fine people” in the pro- and anti-white nationalism marches in Charlottesville, VA. A couple of things here, it was Obama who put children in cages and Trump did not say that about Klansmen and white supremacists. O’Rourke is deliberately lying here.

From IJR on Julian Castro:

“I think one of the things that that [the Third Reich] did was to dehumanize people. There have been other regimes that also dehumanized people. Fortunately, we haven’t traveled down, of course, the same path. And we won’t because this country is better than that. And I believe that this president is going to get defeated in 2020. However, it’s very clear that we have a president who is bound and determined to dehumanize people to create a fear and paranoia about them in order to boost his own political fortunes.”

These guys sound like a broken record in German. They know all of this is unadulterated crap and meant as leftist propaganda so they stand even a chance in leftist hell of beating Trump in 2020. It won’t work… it never does, but they just keep trying the same rhetoric over and over and over again praying for a different result. Hmmm… isn’t that the very definition of insanity?

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