WATCH Carly Fiorina Make This NRA Crowd Go NUTS!! [VIDEO]

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Carly Fiorina spoke by video to the NRA at their convention and it was an eye opener for me. Not just because she supports gun rights, because if you’re running for the Republican Presidential nomination you have to.

Carly understands the concept of fundamental rights. Like the right to be free FROM government. Please pay attention to what she has to say starting at 1:55 on the video.

“Our government’s size, complexity, cost, and power in our lives now works against the interests of the people. The potential of the people of America is being crushed by the government of America.”

That is as good a statement of fundamental rights as I’ve heard and I think the Founders might even stop rolling over in their graves for a moment to applaud that.

There’s a good reason Carly’s moving up in the polls.


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