Canada BEGGING People to Quit Drawing Star Trek’s Dr Spock On Money

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Canada seems so have an issue with its citizens paying a strange sort of tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy.

They like to draw Nimoy’s Star Trek character, Spock on their currency! Apparently, Canadians have been turning Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the country’s first French-speaking prime minister, into a Vulcan for years.

It has become known as ‘Spocking, but the Bank of Canada is unimpressed.  The “Spocking” trend has lead to Twitter hashtags #Spocking and #Spockingfives along with pictures of people’s various designs.

“The Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride,” Bank of Canada spokeswoman Josianne Menard  told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

From the BBC:

The spokeswoman also said disfigured bills may not circulate for as long and risk being rejected by retailers.

There are laws, however, that prohibit reproducing both sides of a bill electronically.

Meanwhile Nimoy fans in other countries bemoaned the lack of diverse-looking former rulers. One Twitter user in India tweeted a picture of a defaced X rupee note with the words, “”That moment you try #spocking Gandhi and turns our he ain’t a[s] cool.”

While another Canadian pointed out the alternatives available to Americans posting the word: “Of course our US cousins don’t have the benefit of Laurier on their 5s, so they’ve developed this #spocking variant,” followed by a picture of Bill Murray drawn on a $5 bill.

Canada BEGGING People to Quit Drawing Star Trek's Dr Spock On Money

Nimoy’s death in 2015 seemed to set off a craze of marking-up banknotes with the image, but its hasn’t seemed to stop.

While Sir Wilfrid Laurier makes a much better Spock than most banknote heads, the fad seems to have moved on to other countries.

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Some Americans tried Alexander Hamilton:

Here’s an effort on Abraham Lincoln from 2013:

And in Scotland someone had a go with Alexander Fleming, but it just doesn’t look right:

More Spocking:

It seemed to have started immediately after Nimoy’s passing. The Canadian Design Resource (CDR) tweeted a call to arms:

“This series of Canadian bills was an easy target,” explains CDR’s publisher Todd Falkowsky. “The existing portraits are quite large and can be improvised with easily and the colour of our $5’s are the same blue as Spock’s uniform.”

Falkowsky said the practice is harmless. “People have always played with money this way… love notes, return to sender, birthday greetings and remixing the images. I am not sure if it makes them harder to use but I’ve tried one in a parking garage and it worked no problem,” he says.

Seems innocent enough. Wonder what Nemoy would think if he knew he was traveling around Canada on their $5 bill? I am sure he would be honored, and maybe even think it was logical!

Nimoy died in 2015 the age of 83. He was an actor, poet, director and singer, but he was best known for his portrayal of the rational Mr. Spock, whom he played on the series from 1965 to 1969. He carried on with the character until his last Star Trek film in 2013.



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