Can Robots Be Under Age?

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Perverts at the forefront of technology are forcing the rest of us to ponder the hard questions. Right now, we have to ask what to do with people who design, create and buy sex dolls that are made to look like children.

A new BBC series that delves into the strange world of high tech sex dolls has revealed that the production of childlike dolls is in full swing.

Earlier this week we wrote that a group of scientists involved in artificial intelligence research have boycotted a South Korean university that has teamed up with a weapons manufacturer to create self-directed robot weapons that can think for themselves without needing a real person to input all of their actions.

On the other side of technological goodness, a team of researchers have developed a machine that can read the minds of patients afflicted with degenerative diseases that rob them of the ability to speak for themselves. In the article, we discussed this as a major but inevitable leap forward from early technology where a machine could distinguish a handful of different spoken words from only a single person.

A ‘adult-shaped’ sex doll.

On all fronts, new technology is forcing new ethical questions that are being raised too quickly for a good answer. As usual, technology isn’t here to ask if something should be done, only can it be done.

BBC’s Sex Robots And Us

A new show airing on British television will show a presenter going around a Japanese sex doll factory, but most of the host’s focus ends up on one half-finished doll. In comparison to most of the dolls, which depict full grown women with fully grown secondary sexual characteristics, the Japanese shop is apparently producing childlike sex dolls, and the owner is fine with it.

Japanese Already Have A Term For It

According to the owner of the sex doll factory, the small dolls are “kawaii,” which roughly translates as cute. In western culture, “cute” young things are usually devoid of sexual content. Moana the Disney princess is cute, so are puppy dogs. Somehow I think something is missing in translation, whether in the language or the culture.

Dolls Have No ‘Human Age’

In explaining his shop, the owner said that the dolls have no real age, only the age that its user projects onto it. It’s true — these dolls aren’t really human, and they’re not really kids, but these dolls are created to look like human children. Whoever buys a sex doll clearly wants it for sex, which is why it’s usually men buying a Bimbo Tron 2000 with giant boobs and long legs. It’s bizarre enough to stroll up to a sex doll shop and ask to see one of the models, but to reject the ones that are modeled on the featured of grown homo sapiens and instead look for the ones who look like children is downright bizarre.

The Only Real Question… Will Children Be Hurt

In the end, the only thing that concerns me is whether these child sex dolls will end up hurting children. In a strange world, child sex dolls could be used to keep pedophiles from harming an actual child. As disgusting a thought, I think the world would be a better place if pedophiles were granted the use of child sex dolls instead of abusing a living breathing person. In theory, it could cut down on abuse.

In theory, the use of child sex dolls could encourage a pedophile to look for the real thing after spending years on the fake plastic ones. It’s possible that by learning to accept the fact that there are grown men who are sexually attracted to children will eventually wear down on societal expectations of not being a horrible person, and adult men who are sexually attracted to children will be normalized.

Another question to add to the growing list of concerns is related to the technology I mentioned above. Sex robots are now being developed for interaction. Recently, a sex robot was showcased on a documentary and had some hilarious answers to whether or not transgenderism is real.

So let’s take this to an even worse conclusion. Robots are being programmed to act on their own, and they’re being programmed to interact with the user. Some day, there will be child-sized sex dolls that think, talk and act as if they’re real children.

Sources: BBC, The Mirror

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