Can America be Saved?

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To the “logical” mind, regardless of your party affiliation, one would have a hard time agreeing that fewer Americans paying the way of those who are lower-income or do not pay income tax at all and a government doing everything it can to outspend itself year over year is a good thing.  However, logic doesn’t win elections.  With more and more individuals paying less and less attention to our crumbling political/economic/moral system in America it is hard to say what will change this.  But I would like to focus on two things that can help to change the tsunami of ignorance that is going to destroy America: reinventing the media and genuine relationships.

THE MEDIA:  The Left has historically done a better job of conveying their message/controlling the media than the Right ever has.  The Left understands that even if the message is a lie, if you say it enough times it becomes fact to the low-information voter.  The Right assumes that the message of hard work, self-reliance, and small government resonates with everyone since actions speak loud than words.  This would hold true, but if one doesn’t see your actions (or is never told that those actions are humanly possible) they will believe whatever words are packaged in the most appetizing manner.  Not only that, but the Left understands that broadcasting their message is a 24/7/365 endeavor, not just an election year activity.  The Right does a great job of controlling a.m. radio and websites that only those on the Right will listen to or read.  So we have that going for us.

Until the Right mounts a unified advertising front and understands that we do not have to agree on every topic with our Right-winged brethren in order to educate others on the fundamentals that have led to America’s success, I do not think we can succeed.  These principles must be conveyed 24/7/365.  One of the difficulties is that the Right’s belief in capitalism and self-reliance has become its own worst enemy.  Take your pick of Right-wing talk show hosts/commentators, most of them are more concerned with their own fame and success than coming together to form a unified front of common sense marketing efforts against the Left.  Anyone can bitch and moan 5 days a week and stir up an already frustrated populous that has been asking “What can I do to change this?”, but unified actions will speak louder than words.

RELATIONSHIPS:  My pastor has often said, “Sinners and Christians have this in common, they both hate evangelism.”  The same can be said about the Right.  We will pay our tithe (campaign donations, conservative subscriptions, or supporting conservatives through our viewership) and complain about the sins of the Left, but we do little to nothing to preach our message of truth to the masses.  Think about it, with a history of racism, the Left is now viewed as the party of caring for minorities and the little guy.  They have accomplished much of this from controlling the media, but they have also spent time, side-by-side, with these individuals rebuilding relationships to rewrite history and propagate the message that the Left is the caring party.  It is salesmanship 101, relationship sells.  The Right needs to step out of their comfort zone to “genuinely” volunteer, care, mentor, and work with these men/women/children.  If our message is never shown to them by our actions, how can we be surprised when they continue to choose the path of ignorance and least resistance?

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire and [email protected]

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  1. raccman says

    I too agree. We have now gone past the point of no return by returning the Abysmal Fraud to the White House ! We would need a veritable miracle to save us and our country – No one seems to represent the American People in Washington – just THEMSELVES !

  2. $13614178 says

    I think we are at a point where only the return of Christ , or some other miracle from GOD can save our nation . That is because there are not enough ” GOOD ” people left .

    1. USAmerican100 says

      Only 3% of the American population won our freedom from Britain, we have more than 3% today and I think you will see that miracle soon.

  3. Tonto says

    You probably don’t appreciate freedom if you were born here. My mother in law was in Holland when Mr. Hitler and his crew invaded. Her sister was shipped off to a camp but miraculously survived. Her family had heard she was dead. My mother in law studied hard for her citizenship exam. She had been a citizen of USA since 1959.

  4. don says

    rush brought up a good question to day that all this falls into. WHY IS FREEDOM SUCH A HARD SELL? if you think about it a second it easy to answer– freedom is not free an we as a nation have become a nation of u owe me– i deserve- i need an want it free—no one wants to pay the price to be free. an what we are becoming they will come to realize they don’t want that either. but by then our chlidren will be under the heel of a marixs dictator

    1. Dave Phelps says

      They are right now

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