California Schools Are Being Stripped Of Funding Because Of The White Student Population!

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In 21st century America the last thing you would think is that people are being discriminated against because they are white. But as the white population becomes a growing minority that fact becomes a more potent reality. This is why this developing story will not shock you in the least bit.

North Hollywood Middle School is having their funding cut and dealing with major layoffs as well as increased class sizes because of how large their white student population is. The student’s parents are livid.

The conservative media got a hold of this story when KABC, the local ABC News affiliate, reported that the courts had concluded the school would receive limited funds due to the fact the student body had a white student percentage higher than thirty percent.

Walter Reed Middle School, which is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, was the most severely affected by this court decision. This decision was made purely based on race because the district sent letter to parents that said,

“the highly regarded middle school had been above the [racial] percentage for the past couple years.”

Numerous other schools are under threat of being cut because of this court ruling. Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman Barbara Jones told reporters the following schools were on that list because of these race ratios,

  • 3rd Street Elementary (Hancock Park)
  • Broadway Elementary (Venice)
  • Dahlia Heights Elementary (Eagle Rock)
  • Grant High (Valley Glen)
  • Emerson Community Charter (westwood)
  • Stonehurst Avenue Elementary (Sun Valley)
  • Plainview Academic Charter Academyn (Tujunga)
  • Knollwood Preparatory Academy Elementary (Granada Hills)

The court ruling was based off of obscure precedents. It followed the 1978 Los Angeles Superior Court desegregation program. This allowed large minority schools to receive more funding when their minority student percentage was around seventy percent. It incentivizes schools to keep their white student ratio below thirty percent in order to get more federal funding.

Sandra Gephart Fontana, Instructional Director for Local District East stated the following about the issue,

If total enrollment doesn’t change, that could mean cutting five teaching positions and one counselor position. Most LAUSD schools do qualify as predominantly Hispanic, black, Asian or non-Anglo.”

This is what our country has come to. School districts are being encouraged economically to discriminate against white students. We have now come to a time where the narrative of political correctness has made people embarrassed to be white. It is nothing more than perversion of the far left.

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