California Decriminalizes Retail Theft Under $1000; Shocked to Find Retail Theft Skyrockets!

Steal less than $950? You get a citation...and are released.

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Shoplifting and retail theft has skyrocketed in the last few years in California. The state passed Prop 47, which raised the amount a suspect could steal from $450 to $950 before a thief could be charged with a penalty. The penalties have gone down, and the thefts have gone up, in fact, they have doubled. It has become another crisis in the not-so-golden-state.

The problem has also caused a huge rise in grab and dash thefts, where groups crash a business, grab what they want, and run. I am sure that you have seen the videos on social media or the local news: Groups of people rushing into a store, grabbing armfuls of merchandise, and running out the door.

Most are getting away with it. They are on the rise and arrests are down.

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“It’s a boldness like we’re seeing never before and just a disregard for fellow human beings,” said Lieutenant Mark Donaldson, Vacaville PD.

He states that it has given rise to more than just shoplifting, it is organized retail theft.

“It is big business!” said Donaldson.

Steal less than $950? You get a citation…and are released.

CBS Sacramento reports:

Police say these suspects often target stores with easy access to get-away cars and with easy access on and off major freeways because crooks know most department policies won’t risk the dangers of a high-speed chase over a misdemeanor citation.

“They know the law,” Donaldson said. “One of the first things they ask us [is] ‘Can’t I just get a ticket so I can be on my way?’”

He explained many suspects know theft under $950 is now a misdemeanor, meaning most get a written citation, a court date and are released.

”I think if you would ask most in law enforcement, [it] has had a significant impact on why we’re experiencing this,” Donaldson said.

Prop 47, known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, passed in 2014. It was intended to keep non-violent criminals out of crowded prisons. And, among other things, the law more than doubled the amount a suspect could steal before facing a felony from $450 to $950.

FBI crime data also shows retail theft state-wide is up. The California Police Chiefs believe it’s because the penalties have gone down.

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“The consequences are so small in nature that it makes that risk worth it,” Donaldson explained.

The National Retail Federation’s annual survey found in more than half the states with laws like Prop 47, when the felony threshold increases, so do losses to organized retail crime.

According to the survey, “In states where the felony threshold has increased, over half report an increase in (organized retail theft) case value. None reported a decrease. It appears that criminals understand the new threshold and have increased their thefts to meet it.”

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Just another example of liberal California policies that are destroying the state. Homelessness is skyrocketing, attributing for almost 1/2 the unsheltered homeless in the country. The standard of living is low and costs are high. People are felling the state in droves and so are businesses.

The place if falling apart. When will California rise up and make a change?

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