Forced California Blackouts Could Continue For A DECADE Claims PG&E CEO

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The CEO of PG&E has informed California residents that the utility company could continue to impose forced blackouts for the entire next decade. CEO Bill Johnson told officials that it could take as long as 10 years for the company to repair the infrastructure in the electrical grid enough to significantly diminish the need to place its customers in the dark to reduce the risk of sparking fires. The stunning admission was made Friday at the California Public Utilities Commission meeting.

PG&E calls the forced blackouts Public Safety Power Shutoff events.

Forced blackouts have left millions of California residents without power over the last two weeks. PG&E has acknowledged it mishandled the massive power shut-off. Estimates are that each customer household represents about three people, so that the power outages left roughly 2 million people in the dark.

Southern California Edison is also warning of imminent power outages to 308,000 customers.

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Electrical utility equipment has been blamed in the last several years for some of California’s most destructive wildfires. Six out of the ten most destructive fires in recent California history were started by electrical equipment. PG&E’s equipment sparked 19 major fires in 2017 and 2018, including last year’s Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise and killed 86 people.

The chosen solution has been to just shut it off in dry areas when fire danger reaches a peak.

But the solution has angered residents and officials alike. Blackouts threaten lives.

“This is a utility owned by shareholders that is shifting risk from its own corporate entity to the public,” said Peter Gleick, a climate scientist and founder of the Pacific Institute in Berkeley, California.

“It’s shifting risk to individual homes and businesses that lose power and then can’t operate,” he said. “Are we now living in a society where fundamental basic services are cut off regularly to protect corporate interests? They can’t impose this burden on people.”

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CEO Johnson still declares that the blackouts were necessary to ensure safety in the face of seasonally high winds that can damage power lines and lead to wildfires.

“We recognize the hardship that the recent PSPS event caused for millions of people and want to continue working with all key shareholders to lessen this burden going forward,” Johnson wrote in a letter to the PUC prior to the hearing. “At the same time, we ask our customers, their families, and our local and state leaders to keep in mind that statistic that matters most: there were no catastrophic wildfires.”

Just another reason for California residents to make the decision to join the many ranks who have left the state in recent years.

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California residents and businesses have been fleeing the state in droves for over a decade, but latest polls show that the exodus swell significantly in the near future!

The “Trust Barometer” poll, by Edelman Intelligence, was conducted in January among 1,500 California residents, with a margin of error of 2.5%. A special over-sample of 400 tech workers in the San Francisco Bay Area was also conducted, with a margin of error of 4.8%.

53% Of California Wants To LEAVE The State In The Near Future!

The number one reason people ‘want’ to leave the state is because of the high cost of living.

Nearly two-thirds, 62% said that they believed the best days of California were in the past.

Nearly three-fourths of residents, 72%, say “cost and availability of housing is a very serious issue for California” — rising to 76% in the Bay Area.

And 62% of residents say “homelessness is a very serious issue for California. The proportion in the Bay Area is the same.

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