California Legislation Would Literally Rid The State Of Big Diesel Trucks!

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In the name of saving the planet from man-made global warming, a California legislator has proposed legislation that would literally eliminate the trucking industry from the not-so-Golden State.

The law that would phase out diesel trucks in California was introduced this week as a part of an ongoing plan by state legislators to significantly control pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The bill was introduced by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley and would force the California Air Resources Board to require a 40 percent reduction in diesel emissions by 2030 and an 80 percent reduction by 2050.

“While California is a leader in climate protection, we still have very dirty air,” said Skinner

“We’ve got rising rates of asthma, which is caused by smog and particulate matter, which primarily comes from diesel.”

Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California, says, “I believe the technology is such that, in a decade or two, there will be no more need for diesel trucks to be on the California market.”

Consensus by most experts says that it would not be possible without a major overhaul of the trucking industry, thus literally banning big rigs in California.

The SF Chronicle explains:

SB44 would also designate an unspecified amount of money from the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for the development of alternate fuels and technology.

It is the latest move by California to seize control of its own greenhouse gas emissions as the Trump administration pushes for lower fuel efficiency standards and promotes the oil and gas industries.

But those who make their living working on or driving trucks were not thrilled by the idea.

“Trucks move this world. That’s nonsense to me,” said Earl, a heavy equipment hauler who declined to give his last name Friday as he stood next to his idling rig at the North Bay Truck Center in Fairfield. “What are they going to use? Electric? That’s not going to work.”

Jim Buell, general manager of the North Bay Truck Center, said that compared with gas engines, diesel engines are much more powerful, last longer — they can last 800,000 miles, a gas engine about 200,000 — and generally get 30 percent better fuel economy.

“I don’t think the technology has come far enough to phase out diesel, so I don’t see how it’s possible,” said Buell, whose company maintains and repairs trucks. “It would be a big strain on the industry and it would absolutely affect our business. Every truck I’m looking at in my yard now is diesel.”

In other words, they will no longer allow diesel trucks into the state by then.

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Of course they haven’t figured out yet what that will do to the cost of shipping goods into and out of the state, and the impact on the state economy.

Much like the Green New Deal, they throw these silly ideas against the wall to see which ones will stick. The environmentalists also fail to recognize that what they call “clean energy” can have more of a negative impact on the environment than burning fossil fuels.

The rare earth minerals and chemicals needed to produce our current battery production involves large and very dirty strip mines and pumping very toxic chemicals into the ground similar to fracking.

Current recycling methods for batteries is also a very dirty business, and increases the cost of batteries significantly over the production of new ones.

It is like the plastic bag ban. The alternatives have led to death and ended up having a bigger environmental impact in the long run, than the plastic bags themselves.



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