Bruce Jenner Says He’s Woman, But Not Attracted to Men: How Does Kanye Feel?

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Kanye West says he helped Kim Kardashian better understand Bruce Jenner ‘s transition — thanks to what Kanye had to take on while coming up in the music biz.


Kanye Key to Kim Understanding Jenner’s Pain
As Jenner told Diane Sawyer … Kanye led Kim to a breakthrough by telling her everyone has to be true to themselves. TMZ was told Kanye felt like he stood out when his career was taking off — he was a rapper who also had strong interests in other fields, such as fashion.
But he felt like the honchos ignored his true identity, and were constantly trying to mold him into someone they could market better.
Sources say Kanye explained to Kim that standing up to those execs was the only thing that eventually brought him true happiness. Pretty savvy on Kanye’s part … to recognize Bruce going through the same thing he did, and then convey that to Kim.
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