Breastfeeding Hungry Child and Mom Chased out of Pizza Hut!

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Hey! Sometimes babies get hungry…even at Pizza Hut. It wasn’t so much that the baby got hungry that was the issue. It was what the mother did next that got Pizza Hut employees upset. That’s right…she began breastfeeding!

Page Martin, 22, says she was having dinner with her husband and 3-month-old son when he began to cry, WTOL reports.

Martin started to nurse the hungry child when the Pizza Hut worker in Wauseon, Ohio, allegedly embarrassed her.


“I was approached by an employee there who asked me if I could cover myself up with a blanket and I said ‘no it’s my right because he won’t eat with a blanket over his head,” said Martin.

At that point, the employee requested she move to an area of the restaurant with fewer people for the sake of those parents “who don’t want to expose their children to that.”

The mother responded that it is her legal right to breast-feed in this manner and refused to move.

 “That’s when she said ‘well I’ll have to ask you to leave,’” said Martin.

Now Martin is demanding Pizza Hut apologize for the incident.

“Stick up for yourself, stick up for your rights. I’m not just doing this for myself I’m doing this for all breast-feeding mothers,” said Martin.

“Breast-feeding is a constant emotional uphill battle. You are your child’s bottle that’s a lot to ask because babies do nurse a lot. I think people need to be a little bit more compassionate about that and if you don’t like what you’re seeing your more than welcome to look away,” added Martin, reports WHSV.

I can certainly vow that “breast-feeding is an emotional uphill battle enough without others interfering in the process. A nursing mother wants to provide the best and most nutrition for her newborn and doesn’t always get to pick the most convenient spot, especially when her baby’s hungry. Afterall, if she were a mother with a bottle, wouldn’t she just pull out a bottle and start feeding the baby?

I never put a blanket over my nursing baby, but I did nurse indiscreetly. I just used a loose t-shirt to cover what I needed to. If you’ve never nursed in public, you can’t explain the benefits of nursing or the bonding experience. It’s truly a unique experience for the baby and the mother.

Give the woman a break Pizza Hut! Isn’t Pizza Hut suppose to be a “Yums Brand”? I guess KFC and Taco Bell are doing enough business for you, that you don’t need customers at Pizza Hut? Maybe a new marketing strategy for you should be, to be the first pizza chain to WELCOME breast feeding mothers! Now there’s a new Yummy concept!


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