BREAKING: You’re Fired! CNN Crew Caught on Camera Joking About Trump’s Plane Crashing! [VIDEO]

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CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveauxjoke was covering the Carrier press conference and as they were doing the sound check, the crew decided to make jokes about Trump and Pence crashing on the plane.

As it is now quickly getting around via social media, I hear CNN yelling the words, “You’re Fired!” coming rather quickly!

When are people going to learn that while we cherish free speech in this country, there are consequences and some things are just not appropriate to joke about. Some things are just not funny!

Had Fox ever made such a comment about Obama, the left would have rioted!

FTVLive has obtained video of Malveauxjoke before her live hit on CNN. The crew was waiting on Trump’s appearance at the press conference and waiting for his plane to land.

I also would like to know when those who spend their world living around cameras and microphones like CNN employees are going to remember that they have to be very careful.

 The FreeBeacon reported:

A CNN crew member joked to reporter Suzanne Malveaux about Donald Trump’s plane crashing as they waited to go live while the president-elect was set to land in Indianapolis on Thursday.

While making final preparations to go on air, an off-camera voice could be heard discussing the estimated arrival time of the Trump plane. The president-elect was traveling to give a speech on the recent decision of Carrier Corp., an air conditioning company, to keep about 1,000 jobs in Indiana that it originally planned to send to Mexico. Carrier made the announcement to keep the jobs in the U.S. after discussions with the incoming Trump administration and the state of Indiana agreeing to give United Technologies, of which Carrier is a part, $7 million in tax breaks.

The CNN crew member spoke with correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, who was on camera, and said, “If I do this, it means he has landed.”

“That means his plane has crashed, no I’m kidding,” the crew member said with a laugh.

Just not funny CNN folks, not funny. Insanity!



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