BREAKING: NYT: ‘Whistleblower’ Is Actually an Anti-Trump CIA Officer

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The NYT has reported that the whistleblower who has alleged that President Trump tried to ‘force’ the President of the Ukraine to investigate Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is actually just a CIA officer. The paper cited three people familiar with his identity. Allegedly CIA officer formerly worked at the White House.

So the big question remains: Is this person really just a continued part of what has become known as ‘Spygate’? Is this really a ‘whistleblower’ at all? Is this just another attempt by the same group of people who spied on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential race and have tried desperately to get him removed from office?

The whistleblower has returned to the CIA since the report emerged, the New York Times on Thursday quoted “people familiar with his identity as saying. The whistleblower’s attorneys refused The Times’s request to confirm that he worked for the CIA, telling the newspaper that it was dangerous to publicize information about him.

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Now, I want to make this straight. I have never been a conspiracy theorist. I even believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. But this does pass the smell test.

The whistle-blower has claimed that President Trump used the power of his office “to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election,” including “pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals.”

Does that sound slightly familiar? Now we know, since the transcript of the call was released, that it was just not the case, and as well, the DOJ made the same judgment.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice ruled that President Trump did NOT make a ‘quid pro quo’ with the Ukrainian President in a phone call asking him to restart investigations into possible corruption by Joe Biden. The DOJ concluded that President Trump did not violate campaign finance laws.

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The fishiest part of all this story, until we discovered the complaint was written by a CIA officer of course, was that the whistleblower was not a witness to ANYTHING! The whistle-blower’s complaint states, “Over the past four months, more than half a dozen U.S. officials have informed me of various facts related to this effort.”

What U.S. officials? Brennan? Comey? Clapper? Stzrok? Page? Some of their flunkys? This is unbelievable!

High ranking officials in various government agencies abused their power to conduct intelligence gathering on a major party presidential campaign for a political purpose. Now I want to know, how did this whistleblower get the details on this call. Are they STILL spying on the President of the United states?

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But there’s more!!!

Carmen Sabia pointed out this tidbit of information.

Some facts we know:

Whistleblower is a CIA agent.

Former advisor to Sen. Mitt Romney, who worked for the same Ukrainian company as Hunter Biden, is a CIA agent.

Not saying they are the same person, but not saying they are not. #UkraineTranscripts.

Yes, I will be investigating THAT for sure!

I am really beginning to believe that Nancy Pelosi really stepped in it by calling for impeachment. The details to this whole situation are getting VERY interesting!

Keep the popcorn coming, and add caramel!


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