BREAKING VIDEO: White Trump Supporter Beat By Mob Of BLM THUGS!

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It’s no surprise to me that the #BlackLivesMatter groups are still out protesting. Follow the money people. Crooked Hillary didn’t get elected and the same person that funded #BlackLivesMatter to disrupt every other event leading up to the election is STILL funding the group to create chaos.

Afterall, the Democrats and George Soros are not happy that their little gem, Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected president and they want to create the perception using the MSM that once again “most Americans” are not happy. Of course, we know that’s NOT the case don’t we?


H/T Freedom Daily:

Video posted to Facebook the day after Donald Trump scored a historic electoral victory shows a white Trump supporter being beaten by 4 or 5 BLM thugs, and several others watching the assault.

A Facebook user by the name of Pookie Slim posted the video and it quickly went viral, garnering about 6 million views in 7 hours. The video has the caption “They caught a trump already.” The rap song “F-ck Donald Trump” plays in the background. The Facebook post was deleted, but not before others copied it.

The disturbing video shows the man trying to get back to his car as several thugs beat and kick him while he’s on the ground. One of the thugs steals the Trump supporter’s car, and drags the man as he tries to stop him.

WARNING: Strong and Graphic Language: NSFM

*NOTE- the song “F*ck Donald Trump” was removed from the video.

The clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the victim from every angle while others steal his belongings. “You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that sh*t.”

Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.”

INSANE!  You can hear the shouts- “you voted Trump!”

So I guess the same #BLM group that was paid to disrupt Donald Trump at rallies is still going strong. What kind of statement are they exactly trying to make? Afterall, we already know who they are, why they are paid and who pays them. It’s time to move on people!

“You voted Trump?” “Beat his A**!”…Yeah! Like that will really solve YOUR problem and everyone else in the #BLM group. Come on people! Sooner or later, you will have to pay the price. There’s a new sheriff in town. His name is President-elect Donald Trump. With Trump will come a new Attorney General and a new FBI Director. Law and order WILL finally be restored to America!



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