BREAKING: Video Cams on Epstein Jail Cell ‘Broken’: Brings number of people who believe he killed himself to zero

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Opinion and speculation by Raymond Draper II – Okay everyone who believes the pedophile and Clinton pal who had evidence on the rich and famous of sexual misdeeds killed himself, take a giant step off your rocker. Thanks in advance.

The media has been telling me since the get-go that through a series of unfortunate coincidences, sleepy guards, bad government behavior, mistakes, bla bla bla bla – that Epstein was successful in hanging himself – even breaking neck bones which only happen when people are strangled.

No problem – let’s just go to the tape…. um, guys?? Go to the tape please? The tapes in Epstein’s cell? There are no cameras in his cell? He’s probably the most high-profile prisoner in the land and you don’t have cameras on him 24/7? No guards either?

Okay, okay, go to the cameras I know we have in the hallway outside the cell, we can at least see that no one went in there…. WHAT?

Yep, they just happened to be malfunctioning that day and the footage is “unusable” bringing the grand total of people who actually believe Epstein killed himself to exactly zero.

At least one camera stationed in the hallway outside billionaire financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell, where officials say he hanged himself earlier this month, had footage that was deemed unusable, The Washington Post reports. While one hallway camera had unusable footage, another nearby camera caught clearer video, the Post noted, adding that it is unknown why certain footage was useable while some was not, as well as the extent of the glitch.

Epstein was at the Metropolitan Correctional Center cell in New York, being housed there pending trial on sex-trafficking charges. Much of the coverage of his demise has speculated about whether his death was suicide, as initial reports indicated, or whether perhaps some of the rich and powerful acquaintances Epstein had collected over the years decided silencing him would be better than the waves of embarrassment he could have potentially brought raining down.

What evidence exists to support the various conspiracy scenarios?

Epstein had requested a meeting for Friday with the newest member of his legal team. That attorney, David Schoen, a longtime friend of Epstein‘s, could not meet on Friday but said the two had met earlier this month for the specific purpose of Schoen joining the defense team. Schoen says Epstein was “engaged” and “excited” during the meeting and very much looking forward to defending himself. The two were scheduled to meet again this coming week.

Would most people add a high priced attorney to a defense team they had no intention of using?

It isn’t unusual that there would be no camera inside a prisoner’s cell, but in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, cells on Epstein’s wing had video surveillance at the entry to each cell. News reports indicate the camera that would normally record who entered and exited his cell was broken. An amazing coincidence?

A long-simmering lawsuit seeking the unsealing of records from a civil case involving Epstein and alleged victims was successful on Friday. Those records included names of many high profile individuals that were allegedly provided young women by Epstein. Among the names released on Friday were a former U.S. senator, a former New Mexico governor and a member of the British Royal family, and that was just for starters.

Former President Bill Clinton had flown aboard Epstein’s private jet on more than one occasion. President Trump is said to have traveled on Epstein’s plane from Florida to New York more than a decade ago.

The Attorney General appears to be on top of the entire Epstein suicide debacle and has no intention of letting go. Speaking during a law enforcement conference in New Orleans, William Barr described conditions at the Manhattan jail as having “serious irregularities” but failed to specify what they had dug up thus far. He also had a word of caution for any of Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators.

Lawmakers have continued to demand answers about why Epstein — who had high-profile friends and acquaintances including President Trump and former President Clinton — was not being more closely observed and whether he should have been on suicide watch after initially being placed on watch in July, when he was found with marks on his neck. Epstein was reportedly removed from suicide watch that same month after being cleared by a psychologist.

Reports have surfaced that show abnormalities in how he was observed, including one saying guards in Epstein’s unit fell asleep and failed to check on him for roughly three hours during the time when he is believed to have hanged himself.

Epstein served 13 months in jail about 10 years ago after reaching a deal with prosecutors that has since resurfaced and garnered widespread criticism for being too lenient. He was arrested in July and charged with trafficking dozens of underage girls from 2002 to 2005.

I can hear Hillary cackling…


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