BREAKING: Texas Hospital Has An Active Shooter!

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A hospital in Houston, Texas is currently dealing with an active shooter situation. Fox 8 has reported that shots were fired at the Ben Taub Hospital. It is located within the same Texas Medical Center. The entire hospital remains on lockdown as patients and employees are being evacuated by local law enforcement officials.

Approximately 200 hundred police officers and medical professionals have been rushed to the scene and some of those law enforcement officials have been seen entering the hospital with various types of assault rifles.

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The House Police Department have noted that while officers continue to search the hospital they have not found any victims yet. Chief Acevedo told reporters at 3:15 pm local time the following about the ordeal,

“We have not found the suspect, and we have not found evidence of an active shooter.”

Numerous witnesses who were at the crime scene told reporters the suspect is a bald, white male, of an unknown age. But police have not found him anywhere or any evidence of a shooting. They have begun to tweet out updates as soon as information surfaces.

Fifth grade students from a nearby school had tweeted out that students were sharing their artwork with doctors and nurses at the hospital. This was just prior to the lockdown. Nobody has commented on the safety or whereabouts of the children.

This is a developing story and new details begin to emerge by the minute. However, their have been no reports of fatalities or injuries yet of either police officers, the culprit or the people inside the hospital.

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