News Alert: Terror Attack In Sweden!

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When it rains, it pours. That certainly appears to be the case right now. Just a few weeks after a terrorist attack in London, England, Sweden is now dealing with a deliberate attack on their country. The media has confirmed that two people were murdered after a large truck purposefully plowed them down in a crowded street of citizens. The attack took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The truck reportedly crashed into a department store in Stockholm City Centre after hitting numerous people. It has been reported by a spokesperson for the Swedish Security Police that the Stockholm subway system and Parliament have all been temporarily shut down.

Spokesperson Lars Vilstrom told CNN the following,

“Some kind of vehicle has been driven into a street full of pedestrians. We have a lot of police officers on the scene. We don’t have numbers yet. Police are on location securing the area. People have been injured but we cannot give a number of injuries at this time.”

Despite the fact this story is developing the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has said they believe this is a calculated terrorist attack. It certainly is very similar to other terrorist attacks across the world where cars are used as lethal weapons to kill the most amount of people possible. As a result an emergency message was sent out by the U.S. Embassy in Sweden to American citizens. The statement reads the following,

“The U.S. Embassy in Stockholm is aware of reports of a security incident at Drottninggatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan near Sergels Torg in Stockholm City Center.  U.S. citizens should avoid this area at this time, heed guidance from local authorities, and maintain security awareness.

Please monitor media and local information sources and factor updated information into personal travel plans and activities. We strongly encourage U.S. citizens in Sweden to directly contact concerned family members in the United States to advise them of your safety.”

No American citizenhas been reported dead in the lethal terrorist attack. The U.S. Embassy has not issued any statement to that affect. It is unknown if anyone remains in the hospital injured. No preliminary reports have been released. An investigation has only just begun.

Last year we dealt with the Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting and the year before we dealt with the Paris terrorist attacks. Radical fundamentalist terrorism continues to insinuate itself into our lives and our communities and it is a dangerous threat to the wellness of humanity. It is important for the international community to ban together and work to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups.

If we continue to ignore the serious issue that terrorism faces we will continue to see terrorist attacks such as these. More innocent civilians will die. How many more people have to die before liberals are willing to admit what the real problem is? How many human lives are worth it? Nobody should have to live in fear for their life because of terrorism. Especially in the western world. We must end this.

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