BREAKING: Democrats tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi they’re siding with Trump on getting the wall and government workers back on the job.

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Democrat leadership had refused to attend a working lunch with President Donald Trump, as Nancy Pelosi was tightening her grip on power – but that may all be changing…

Seven Democrat member of the House of Representatives have come forward and merged with Republicans to challenge the closed-minded, radical stance Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have taken – despite voting for the wall many times in the past.

The Democratic House members who broke rank and engaged with President Trump represent congressional districts where Trump remains popular.

“Because of Chuck and Nancy’s refusal to work with Donald Trump on our border crisis, we’re in the midst of the longest government shutdown in history. What are the Congressional Democrats doing instead? Partying on the beach with over a hundred lobbyists..” wrote Ronna McDaniel, GOP Chairwoman.

Indeed they were.

By  at Illicit Info:

The seven include five freshman, several of whom refused to back Madame Pelosi for Speaker.

They’ve named themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus and took a step towards earning that label by meeting with President Trump at the White House.

Until now, Democrats had summarily rejected invitations to discuss areas for compromise on the border wall over lunch at the White House.  President Trump is demanding $5.7 Billion for the Wall, something both sides were aware of when they put together the current spending bill.

Legislators instead ignored the president’s request, amounting to less than a half of one percent of their spending proposal, simply because it might be viewed as a political win for the president.

It’s likely they’re looking at Pelosi’s age and are refusing to surrender their budding careers at the altar of a leader who is not likely to be around much longer.

This staredown is coming to an end.  It will come with Trump getting the wall because, otherwise, President Trump can remove the furloughed workers permanently under Reduction in Force rules.

The truth is, the American people now see ample evidence that most of these government workers really aren’t doing much that affect their lives and besides – we all go to the DMV, the Post Office and drive by the construction sites where half the workers aren’t working at all.

Hard to fee sorry for these poor workers who are really on a paid vacation because they are going to get all their back pay when this is over.

Where were Chuck and Nancy during the Obama years when half of Americans were going without paychecks? They were busy voting for Obama’s wall and ruining our health care system.


In the 80’s Government workers defied Ronald Reagan when air traffic controllers illegally went on strike. Reagan said YOU’RE FIRED and took a lot of heat for it. But guess what – the American people wanted it.

Those workers put American lives at risk and their actions were illegal – against Federal law and Reagan upheld the law and was reelected in a landslide no one had ever seen before. The press said he was through, but the press was against Reagan just like they are against Trump.

If this shutdown goes on for more than 30 days, President Trump can by law start handing out pink slips to government workers who are not needed and I think we can all agree – there’s plenty of them.

There are half of them who do a great job and earn their fantastic pay, benefits and pension – but if Trump start pink-slipping the other half – his reelection is a done deal.

And the press goes nuts! Hah!



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