BREAKING: Congressman Confesses to Being Former Black Panther

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This weekend the Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus was taped admitting that she used to be a member of the Black Panther Party.

Chair Virgie Rollins of Michigan was secretly taped for a short period of time in a Democratic National Committee meeting because the vice chairman, Keith Ellison noticed the Republican who was recording it. The video cut off one minute after Rollins began to speak about being a Black Panther.

Rollins hit on a few topics, saying that the Black Panthers were involved in education and in feeding the poor, and mentioned Martin Luther King Jr despite his problems with the organization.

“Mass incarceration did not just happen in Republican hands,” said Rollins of MLK’s politics.

Virgie Rollins far left, Maxine Waters center

Caught On Tape

At the time of the taping, Rollins was talking about the need to direct the party to win back Congressional seats.

“We’ve got to be out here in masses in the midterms if we want to change this country because it’s all about change the Congress, now. [Democrats] cannot win without black folks and women, so it’s up to us.”

She went on to say that Democrats must fund more “grassroots” organizations saying that such methods were what landed a Doug Jones victory in the Alabama Senate election over Roy Moore.

“We’ve got to turn back to the revolution because it’s important, they [unclear who ‘they’ are] depend on us.”

“I’m a former Black Panther”

But the real value in the tape is the admission that Rollins was once a Black Panther. She had previous brought up a kinship with the group, saying in 2016 to a local paper that she was “all into” the Black Panthers marching with guns when she was young, but didn’t explicitly say she had joined up.”

“I’m a former Black Panther. And when we talked about the movement, as a former Black Panther with Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver, it was important for us to make people understand that it was about the movement for us, educating us.”

Her interview in 2016 had included:

“There are nine girls and seven boys in my family. So we all learned how to shoot. And the Black Panthers were talking about walking down the street with a rifle? I’m getting all into this stuff! Cause you know it’s in the blood, and I’m the real McCoy.”

Virgie M Rollins

Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Virgie is the current chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus. Previously she served as the PAC Chair for the National Federation of Democratic Women and was the first black American woman to Chair the Michigan Democratic Women’s Caucus. She holds a post secondary degree and has been involved in politics for decades.

She has received multiple awards from groups including the Michigan Democratic Black Caucus, Money Magazine and the State of Michigan.

“During her tenure as Chair of the Black Caucus, Ms. Rollins organized African American Leadership Summits, which convened to discuss Urban Issues with African American leaders across the county. She has encouraged African Americans to participate at every level of the Democratic Party and to seek party offices and public office.” Netroots Nation

Below we’ve collected photos of Virgie Rollins with other high profile Democrats. Being that she is a left-wing Democrat, the left-wing media will not ask any of these politicians to disavow Virgie or her past.

Congressional Black Caucus Weekend 2015, with Joe Biden


Former VP Joe Biden center left, Virgin Rollins center right

With Eric Holder

Yesterday Eric Holder appeared at an event marking the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. During his speech at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Holder said that “the age of bullies and bigots is not fully behind us.” He went on to talk about how while the country has made progress since the death of MLK in racial, social and economic justice arenas, “fairness, opportunity and justice” is still being sought by women, the gays, minorities and left wing Parkland students.

Holder continued to talk about the “chief civil rights issue of our time” is to ensure minorities have equal voting rights. He’s got something wrong here — civil rights are for black Americans, not for every minority. The remark was likely in reference to the recent clean-up of the census which will now ask respondents about their citizenship status in order to make sure that non-citizens aren’t tipping the scales in favor of giving more seats to California.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder left, Virgie Rollins Center

With Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Virgie Rollins left with Debbie Wasserman Schultz right

Obama’s White House Christmas Party

Virgie Rollins at the Obama’s 2015 White House Christmas Party

With Disgraced John Conyers

In 2015 on her Facebook page, photos were uploaded of Rollins with Congressman John Conyers, who was recently disgraced over his treatment of female staffers, one of whom accused him of running his “hand up my thigh in church.” Rollins was at the Library of Congress on this occasion to hand over her papers for safekeeping and Conyers was there to congratulate her.

“Virgie and peers were taken on a tour of the library and were shown the works of former Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Civil Rights Icons like Rosa Parks and papers of Civil Rights organizations. Virgie was truly honored!”


Screengrab taken from Rollins’ facebook page showing the Congressman introducing Conyers

Promotion of #BlackLivesMatter

In February of 2015 Rollins attended a Black History Month event at the White House and made sure to tag in the racist group Black Lives Matter.

Sources: Free Beacon, Times of Japan, Photos from Virgie Rollins’ Facebook

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