BREAKING – CENTCOM Lied About ISIS to Make Obama Look Good [VIDEO]

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The U.S. Central Command, CENTCOM, got caught by a House committee lying about the rise of ISIS and painting a much better picture than the reality on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Professional analysts who developed the reports actually told the truth.  When the reports were passed up the line to the political appointees – whose loyalties apparently lie with Barack Obama not the United States of America – those reports were “manipulated” to give the impression that ISIS probably was the “JV team.”

Those final reports were absolute lies.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General is reviewing the findings.  The report to the House committee is the result of a whistleblower who got fed up with watching his reports changed.  The IG is reportedly looking for more whistleblowers.

Barack Obama’s Pentagon has declined comment because the investigation is “ongoing.”  Actually, they’ve declined comment because it makes their boss look like the lying piece of crap he really is.

A CENTCOM spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Evans said, “Experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of complex data, and the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense welcome healthy dialogue on these vital national security topics.”  In other words, “Huh?”

The White House is insisting that no one in the administration “pressured anyone” and is blaming … the military of course.

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