Bow Hunters and Fisherman Unanimously Support Obamacare

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Many have wondered, “Just how will Obamacare be funded?”  We all know companies will be assessed fines if employees are not offered an affordable health insurance option and that individuals are required to purchase health insurance under the new law.  However, few people know that the American bow hunter, fishermen, and boaters will also be doing their part to help fund Obamacare.  You doubt Mr. Ags?  Click on the link below and check out the right side of page 9 of the IRS “Instructions for Form 720”:

This was brought to light during the voting (or buying of votes as I like to call it) process for Obamacare, but since then no one has seemed to pay attention to it.  It should make you feel patriotic to know that $.48 of every arrow you buy and 10% of every new fishing rod/reel (to name a few sporting goods items) will now go to help fund this country bankrupting, flaming pile of crap known as Obamacare.  The question many of you will ask is why were guns and ammunition not included as taxable items under the new law?  The answer to this question is also why I am a Benefactor Life Member of the NRA and I encourage you to become one as well:


Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampradio &  [email protected]

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  1. David Kuhlmann says

    “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” Nancy Pelosi…

    What’s in it is the destruction of Capitalism! Welcome to the USSA

    Funny how Germany finally learned that Socialism doesn’t work and are now a prospering Capitalist country.

  2. Patriot says

    Where did they dredge these supporters from? I’m a freelance fisherman and do not support Obamacare. Like Obama, he and it needs to be pulled out by their very roots and tossed onto a bonfire!

    Proud NRA member!

  3. Ranchman says

    It’s despicable what Obama is doing, behind our backs of course. But, Joe, I respectfully disagree with your promotion of the NRA. The NRA has too often compromised when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights. Gun Owners of America (GOA at is the true, no-compromise gun owners rights group.

    1. David Kuhlmann says

      Not behind our backs, right in plain sight. Sadly many can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.

  4. Kaiser says

    Is there a class I can take to learn how to make my own arrows?

  5. Cami W says

    Hubby and I have CCWs, we enjoy archery, both hunting and shooting competively at the gun club we are members of, our 11 and 12 year old daughters enjoy shooting our .22s competively with kids their age and just target shooting…All members are members of the NRA, including the police who use our club’s range and facilities, several are NRA instructors. We enjoy fishing and camping, our girls love fishing too. Obama and the socialists, oops, democrats, are trying to destroy America and our rights guranteed by our Constitution. As one of 7 of our area’s Tea Party coordinators, I will work to retire every democrat and RINO from local, state and national office; including Senator Marco Rubio who showed his true liberal color trying to sell his liberal amnesty bill.

    1. David Kuhlmann says

      Good luck and God Bless you in your endeavors! There are 100’s of thousands of people behind you!

  6. snapper1d says is done for good!!! That was my website but it is now gone for ever because of Obama! I will no longer be making and selling bows or bow blanks.Just another business going down because of him and his policies!

  7. T-Man says

    I am a fisherman too and in the insurance industry. I do not support the ACA nor do I believe that it is sound and the right approach to the county’s problem of getting help for those who are in need.
    This law does nothing more than set up the destruction of our health care system and put the IRS in a postion to harrass and penalize tax payers. There is a resaon why this country was set up to help those who try to be productive citizens and not those who do not want to work or be a productive member of society. We have ways to help those who are poor when needed. It may not be the best but then what did they do to earn it. Citizenship should not be the right to get free stuff. We are breeding dependency by these programs. It people want something they need to do something to earn it. If they want a job, then vote for the party that will stimulate the market place so companies can be profitable and have the extra funds to help hire and provide benefits. If you don’t like the way things are run in the USA, please take advantage of your rights to move elsewhere. You may get free insurance, it might run as much as 50% of your earnings so it really isn’t free, but what you will give up in exchange is your FREEDOM and the right to live freely with a military that will and always has fought just for that purpose, your freeedom, to live where you want, worship who you want and do what you want within the laws that protect all American’s.

    1. J_ says

      Bravo! Now… how to get the rest of the deluded country to understand what’s really going on….

      1. David Kuhlmann says

        They never will, because the don’t possess cognitive thought or true common sense!

    2. David Kuhlmann says

      Well stated T-Man. I too hold a Health/Life/Accident insurance license and a very avid hunter and fisherman. I don’t support this and neither does anyone that I know.

      For J_ The “deluded” country has been groomed by the establishment to become a majority in this once Great country. They (most) don’t want to work because they are given handouts at our (producers) expense. They are not educated most not past HS education at best. Then the rest of us are getting to foot the bill for them. I say it’s high time we (people that actually work for a living) post high numbers of dependents on our W-2 or 1099 forms and stop paying any and all income taxes to this Administration until they do what they were elected to do. Serve the people!

      They (members of Congress, Senate and all in the administration) should not be paid until they get it right. However this said they (the establishment ie Illuminati) have been working towards the US becoming a Socialist country for over 50 years. They have changed our schools curriculum to the point it is now where kids have no clue what has really happened in US and World History.

      There’s a revolution brewing the likes of which the world has never seen or fathomed and it will happen right here in the US and in the not too distant future. They (the establishment) knows this.

      God Bless and God Bless America.

  8. BobM001 says

    Page 31.
    But we pay excise taxes on a WHOLE LOT MORE! So singling out these sportsmen is kind of ambiguous. SCRAP OBOZOCARE! It’s a “cluster [email protected]@K”

  9. Nunnyah Biz says

    There are plenty of guns, bows & fishing equipment at the many, many flea markets & swap meets in our Nation! They are not taxed!!!

    1. CapNCraigAgain says


    2. Cami W says

      You’re correct, and we will start looking, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. blair152 says

    I don’t support Obamacare and I’m a fisherman.

  11. BLH557 says

    If you read further you will also find that it ANY PERSON uses biodiesel for a use other than fuel (like burning a stump or cleaning your hands or eqt) YOU are liable for a $1.01 tax per gallon… now is that reaching, or what?

    1. J_ says

      My question is… how would the know in the first place?

  12. BillRiedel says

    Remember, Obama just wants to raise taxes on the rich. So, all you bow hunters and fisherman are now part of the rich! I hope you are enjoying your wealth.

  13. OutdoorFrontiers says

    Well, let me tell you that this bowhunter and angler is one that does NOT support Obamacare and will minimize purchases to avoid having one penny more than needed go to support a program designed by crooks….

  14. Freedom? says


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