Booker, Castro Accuse DNC of System That Created ‘Debate Stage Without Any Racial’ Diversity

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Democrat Presidential hopefuls Cory Booker and Joaquin Castro are not happy with the ‘all white’ Democrat debate coming up and they are speaking out. Neither one has met the requirements of the upcoming Dec. 19 debate in Los Angeles. Both have increased their fundraising after Kamala Harris’ departure, but neither are likely to reach the 4 percent threshold in four approved polls before the debate.

In an electronic mail to Politico, Castro complained about the ‘dearth’ of range within the candidates “who’ve met the DNC’s necessities to qualify for the following debate.”

After California Sen. Kamala Harris’ withdrawal from the 2020 presidential race Tuesday, the debate stage was left with only white candidates who will qualify for the next Democratic debate.

Castro also blamed media coverage of the Harris campaign, alleging a “double standard.”

Politico reports:

[Castro] suggested that the DNC improve the entire nomination process, including looking at new ways to evaluate a candidate’s support beyond polling and donors, and indicated that he was caught off guard when the party raised the thresholds for December’s debate.

“I did not expect the DNC to raise the thresholds so close to the Iowa caucus, because when you get that close to the caucus, shouldn’t you just let the people vote?” Castro said. “You’re already within a couple months. Just let the folks vote. A lot of people out there feel that way.”

“In order to defeat Donald Trump, Democrats need to engage voters from every part of the country, and that means making sure voters hear from a diverse group of candidates before they select our nominee.”

Castro called for reforming the entire primary process, including the calendar, which begins with overwhelmingly white Iowa and New Hampshire, framing it as a more important task than any one candidate’s place on stage. Still, he added that he’s bothered by the effect that an all-white Democratic debate stage at this point in the race could have on the general election.

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[Booker] blasted the system that he said caused [Harris] to end her campaign before a single vote was cast.

“What message is that sending, that we heralded the most diverse field in our history, and now we’re seeing people like her dropping out of this campaign, not because Iowa voters had the voice?” Booker said. “Voters did not determine her destiny.”

“I cannot tell you how much I believe in our primaries. And I’ve seen folk here in Iowa belie what all the predictions are and show us what real viability is,” Booker added, implicitly criticizing DNC rules that factor polling and grassroots fundraising into who can qualify for the debates.

Earlier in the primary, Kamala Harris blamed her low polling on racism, obviously within the Democrat voters. When she dropped out, many on the left blamed racism as well.

“Kamala Harris dropping out of the race while only white candidates qualify for the next presidential debate shows that white privilege and white supremacy cut across party lines,” Tweeted Doctor Eugene Gu.

“I wish Biden and other white men would drop out instead. That is all, tweeted Pris Blossom.

Maybe, just maybe, color does not matter to most people and Booker, Castro, and Harris just were not good candidates? Maybe? Why is it always about race?


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