BEWARE! 11 Blue States are Quietly Dismantling the Electoral College

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The liberals have envisioned destroying the electoral college system in their sights for some time now, and it seems that state by state, they are doing just that!

There is a systematic movement going on in blue states that are working together to to effectively nullify the electoral college.

Democratic officials at the state level have taken steps to pass legislation to force their electors in the Electoral College to vote for the winner of the popular vote, even if the voters in their own states voted for the other candidate.

So far, 11 states as well as the District of Columbia have passed legislation known as the “National Popular Vote” bill.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The compact is designed to ensure that the candidate who receives the most votes nationwide is elected president, and it would come into effect only when it would guarantee that outcome.

Matt Howarton explains at The Hayride:

The “National Popular Vote” bill is being proposed as an inter-state compact which will take effect if and when enacted into law by states possessing more than 270 electoral votes.

If successful, the agreement would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate with the most popular votes and render the electoral college nothing more than a symbolic gesture.

According to the website which supports the initiative, the bill has been fully enacted into law in the following 11 states plus the District of Columbia:

Washington, D.C.
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
That adds up to 172 electoral votes, or 32%, leaving 98 to be acquired to reach a major

The calls have been loud and clear! Not just from the left, but from the leadership in the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton stated after the election that she wants to abolish the Electoral College in a CNN interview explaining why she lost.

“I think it needs to be eliminated,” Clinton said of the Electoral College. “I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes.”

“I believe strongly that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, that means it’s time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president,” she told reporters at the time.

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who is considering a 2020 presidential bid, called last month to abolish the electoral college, saying it’s a “vestige of the past.”

“It’s undemocratic, forces candidates to ignore majority of the voters and campaign in a small number of states. The presidency is our one national office and should be decided – directly – by the voters,” Mr. Holder said on Twitter.

U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, a Salem Democrat and possible 2020 White House contender, called Tuesday for scrapping the electoral college and Senate filibuster, arguing that they have hurt America’s political system.

“This is a monstrously anti-democratic institution with no parallel in any other advanced democracy,” he wrote, noting that the Senate originally had a rule allowing a simple majority to end debate on a measure.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) even introducing a constitutional amendment which would abolish the Electoral College.

“In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College,” stated Rep. Cohen.

Elections expert Hans von Spakovsky at the Heritage Foundation declares the dangers:

“If you go back to the Framers, they wanted an Electoral College because they wanted to create a balance between the heavily-populated and less-populated areas of the country.”

“And they were afraid that if a president was elected by a national popular vote, the candidates would only go to the big cities,” he continued. “They would ignore the rural areas – you know, the places that folks in New York call ‘flyover country.'”


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