Blind Grandfather Sends Granddaughter Into Siberian Forest Alone To Help DYING Grandmother…

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Typical 4-year-olds are little weaklings compared to this Siberian toddler. Saglana Salchak is a little girl from the Russian region called Tuva, recently the 4-year-old underwent a journey so dangerous that most adults wouldn’t dare to attempt the same. Saglana lives deep in the Siberian wilderness with her blind grandfather and ailing grandmother.

One morning in February Saglana woke up to find her grandmother in a very poor condition, it was clear her grandmother needed help and quickly. Since her Grandfather is blind it was up to Salchak to walk the perilous 5-mile trek from her home all the way to a neighbor’s to save her dying grandmother.

Being blind, Saglana’s grandfather didn’t realize that it was still so dark outside. He also didn’t realize that temperatures were well below zero.

Saglana’s grandfather, not realizing it was still dark outside account of his blindness, sent his granddaughter on the infamous mission. The 4-year-old made her way though subzero temperatures and the pitch-black in search of assistance.

As if the freezing tempature and the dark was not challenging enough, Saglana had to be watchful of the wolf packs that prowled the area she was traveling.

Fortunately, Saglana did not run into the wolves as she walked. Her journey took her a full 3 hours and by the time she got back to her home with help, her grandmother sadly had already passed away.

People are capable of doing incredible things to save their loved ones. The threat of our family member being in peril can produce some pretty powerful adrenaline. Although it seems amazing to people from the Western part of the world, for Saglana, she thinks her story is not a big deal. When she was questioned about her, the dangerous trip she took alone, she simply said, “I just walked, walked and got there.” What a brave little girl.

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