Blackface photo of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emerges

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Well, technically it was ‘brownface’, but is there really any difference? And did he just forget he did this or did Justin Trudeau just hope it would never see the light of day? Methinks the latter.

The Canadian Prime Minister has now responded to his new blackface controversy, saying he’s profoundly sorry. But he also admits that it wasn’t the only time he did it:

It looks like Trudeau might be going the same route as the governor of Virginia…

The prime minister election (is that what they call it?) is apparently set to soon take place in Canada.

Far-left leader Justin Trudeau just hit a speedbump.

After a photo was released of him dressed as Aladdin and wearing “brownface,” another photo dropped showing JT in “blackface.”

The photo, published by TIME magazine on Wednesday, shows Trudeau wearing brown makeup on his face, neck and hands while wearing a turban and robe at a party in 2001.

Trudeau admitted to wearing the racist costume when he attended an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed gala at West Point Grey Academy – the private school in Vancouver where he was teaching at the time.

The photo first appeared in the West Point Grey Academy 2001 yearbook.

In a press conference held on his campaign plane on Wednesday night, Trudeau acknowledged that the photo was racist and said he should have known better.

‘I’m p***ed off at myself, I’m disappointed in myself,’ he said.

The emergence of the photo comes just one week after Trudeau launched his campaign and could undermine his chances for re-election with less than five weeks to go before Canada’s election.

The Canadian prime minister is but the latest politician to face scrutiny over racially insensitive photos and actions from their younger days. Earlier this year, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam faced intense pressure to resign after a racist picture surfaced from his 1984 medical school yearbook page. He denied being in the picture but admitted wearing blackface as a young man while portraying Michael Jackson at a dance party in the 1980s. Since then, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has acknowledged wearing blackface in college, and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has publicly apologized for donning blackface during a college skit more than 50 years ago. None has resigned.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May slammed Trudeau over the photo, tweeting: “I am deeply shocked by the racism shown in the photograph of Justin Trudeau. He must apologize for the harm done and commit to learning and appreciating the requirement to model social justice leadership at all levels of government. In this matter he has failed.”

“Trudeau taught classes, including French, until he left after the spring of 2001,” TIME added. “West Point Grey Academy is currently among the most expensive private day schools in Vancouver, with annual tuition ranging from just under $22,000 to about $23,500. During his 2015 election campaign, Trudeau downplayed his experience at the private academy, instead focusing on his time teaching at a public school in Vancouver.”

The Trudeau blackface scandal comes after Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam admitted earlier this year to being in a photo that contained a person wearing blackface and another person wearing a KKK hood.

Northam initially admitted to being in the photo and then walked back his claim and has continued to deny that he was ever in the photo.

spokesman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims called the photos “disgraceful, plain and simple.”

“Seeing the prime minister in brownface/blackface is deeply saddening,” said Executive Director Mustafa Farooq.

“The wearing of blackface/brownface is reprehensible, and hearkens back to a history of racism and an Orientalist mythology which is unacceptable,” he added.


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