“For Black People To Survive a Lot Of Whites Need To Be Killed”: Who said it and who still works at Homeland Security?

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This guy works for the Department of Homeland Security and here’s what his former supervisor has to say about him.

“This guy is filled with hate,” the supervisor said. “People are afraid he will come in with a gun someday and go postal. I am astounded, he’s employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.”

Here’s what Ayo Kimathi has to say on his website.

Mr. Kimathi in his private time runs the website “War on the Horizon” under the user name “Irritated Genie,” SPLC said. The site advocates “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare.”

“Warfare is [imminent], and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” one statement on the site reads.

The site also describes whites as a “sadistic race of devils,” President Barack Obama as a “treasonous mulatto scum dweller,” and says former Secretary of State “Colon” Powell (sic) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are “Uncle Toms.”

And here’s a FoxNews report on this DHS employee whose salary you and I pay.

Catholics, Christians, and military veterans are targeted by the DHS as “extremists” but they refuse to look at a certified extremist in their own midst.

Am I surprised?  Actually, yes I am.  I’m surprised that Barack Obama hasn’t made this guy the head of DHS.

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