Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats

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Kanye West is joined by a fellow rapper and family friend of Barack Obama in defending the notion that blacks don’t automatically have to be Democrat.

In the last few days, Kanye West started posting Twitter messages supporting a black conservative woman named Candace Owens who has been appearing at colleges and pushing back at Black Lives Matter heckler, as well as reposting videos uploaded by Dilbert author and Trump supporter Scott Adams. While fans and left wing celebrities are outraged that Kanye might say something nice about Donald Trump, the pro-free thought tweets have escalated to Donald Trump himself. One of the few black stars joining Kanye on his push to tell blacks that they should explore their own priorities is Chance the Rapper, whose family has been involved with the Obamas for over a decade.

Kanye started tweeting that blacks should drop the victim mentality on Sunday, and now the 25-year-old Chance the Rapper is chiming in:

Chance the Rapper

Born in Chicago in 1993, Chancelor Bennett got his breakthrough as Chance the Rapper in 2011. He refers to his Christianity in his music and has taken his daughter to meet the Obama family. As an example of his openness about his faith, when he resolved to quit smoking, he said on Twitter: “All things are possible thru Christ who strengthens me.”

Bennett describes himself as an independent who leans left. His father Ken Williams-Bennett worked as an aide to former Chicago mayor Harold Washington and also for Barack Obama when he was still a Senator. When the soon-to-be rapper was 13, his father was appointed to work in the Department of Labor under Obama.

‘Dragon Energy’

Let’s start with this tweet posted at 11:05am EST on Tuesday by Kanye about ‘dragon energy.’

As the tweets escalated to Donald Trump, watchers noticed a funny coincidence. Starting with Prof. Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist who has become a regular on Tucker Carlson for his views on education and free speech, ‘dragon energy’ as a concept was added to the mix. For year, Peterson has used mythology to talk psychology, particularly the myths that involve ‘slaying the dragon.’

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On Monday, Peterson appeared on Fox to talk about Kanye’s comments. Two minutes after Kanye posted his dragon tweet, the Professor posted this:

Later, Kanye claimed that both he and Trump have ‘dragon energy,’ which for the life of me sounds like a drink.

Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s a teaser for Game of Thrones, maybe dragon energy is the next big thing.

John Legend Butts In With ‘WHITE SUPREMACY’

But celebrities aren’t all joining the MAGA crowd en masse. John Legend added his own thoughts to the situation by saying that Trump had embraced ‘white supremacy’ as a part of his winning political campaign and that “brilliant artists” should be aware of this “fact”

When you run out of arguments, just call everyone you don’t like a white supremacist. And when others disagree, say that they’re “blind” to the truth, and talk about black names while ignoring the fact that he himself changed his name to John Legend from his birth name to ride on the coattails of the dead Beatles singer.

A few years back, a contributor at Joe for America went to a John Legend concert and was confused by his addition of angry poets complaining about Fox News and Congress.

Kanye Continues, Kim Defends

The husband and wife duo have continued to tweet about the ongoing situation, with Kim posting supportive messages saying that her husband and the father of two of her children is allowed to enjoy his freedom of thought in America, and Kanye pointing out that Obama really isn’t such a fantastic God-sent figure that he’s been made out to be:

And in an oddly artsy way, Kanye West posts this tweet. It’s a mobile phone picture taken by Kanye of another mobile phone, showing an Instagram photo which is a screen capture of a Donald Trump quote-tweet of a Kanye West tweet. If it were in a museum, it’d be art. It’s impossible to tell whether Kanye is doing this on purpose or whether he really is the kind of guy who thinks this is the most straightforward way of acknowledging that Trump was talking to him.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News

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