Black Guns, Will they be Banned?

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With the start of 2013 and the discussion of more intrusive guns laws as the main topic of every media outlet and local gun shop, your investment portfolio of 2012 should have included several black guns (code for military-type semi-automatic firearms), high-capacity magazines, bullets, primers, powder, and lead.  In November 2012 you could have bought a Bushmaster A1 for $700+.  Now, you would be lucky to find one for $1,300.  Panic has made demand far outpace an already limited supply.  But is all this panic justified?

It’s hard to say.  Part of me feels this will blow over and it is all a bunch of hype.  Then there is the pessimistic part of my Irish heritage that only sees gloom during even the happiest of seasons.  When it comes to my buying patterns, the Irish side usually wins and so does my credit card provider.  These 2nd Amendment panics seem to come in two phases.  The first phase involves me, and other avid shooters.  We act as soon as we get the sense supply will become very scarce.  Quickly Walmart and online gun retailers are out of “everything.”  Then the next phase is when everyone who is the friend of an avid shooter, or has been watching too many anti-gun news shows, finally wakes up and decides that it’s time they buy an AR and 100 rounds of ammo.  The fear becomes more justified when we look at our inept local, state, and federal politicians and their “infinite wisdom” that we simple folks just do not understand (rightfully so).

President Clinton signed the Brady Bill early on in the first term of his presidency.  Not long after this we saw conservative Americans wake up and Republicans took the House and Senate for the first time in over 40 years.  In Clinton’s second term he learned that he had to come more to the right if he was going to get anything done to positively end his presidency and be remembered for something other than a stain on a blue dress.  I believe it is clear to anyone with the wits of an average village simpleton that President Obama has his own agenda and really doesn’t care if Republicans or Democrats embrace it.  Proof being the first two years of his first presidency, when he had difficulty getting anything passed with a Democratic controlled House and Senate.  Now President Obama has won his second term and is what is affectionately called, a “lame-duck President” with nothing to lose.  President Obama (and many Republicans) feel as if he won the 2012 election with 90% of the vote, which is not the case at all.

If all of that is not bad enough, look at the recent actions (or lack of action) by Republicans on their handling of the Fiscal Cliff.  Add to that, the Republicans have zero chance of winning the Senate in 2014 (maybe even 2016).  When February is at an end, the Republican elephant will walk with a stagger in its step after its castration of compromise.  With a weakened conservative party, all that will be needed is the passionate plea of “what about the safety of the children?” and “you don’t need those type of guns to hunt do you?” to get new laws restricting black guns and high-capacity magazines passed, possibly with Republican support.  It also worries me when once conservative states like Colorado have been infested with liberals from California and are now talking as if they are the left-coast instead of the middle of America.

Perhaps this will all blow over, but with the stars aligned how they are, I don’t see Americans gaining more rights when it comes to the 2nd Amendment in 2013 and beyond.  I would love to be wrong and hope I am.  However, even if we endure this current storm of moronic politicians and an ignorant media, it’s not if, but when they will get their laws passed.  One thing Progressives do extremely well is to move their agenda forward, regardless of who is in office.  It’s all just a matter of speed.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: [email protected]

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  1. $13614178 says

    Quick everyone , paint ALL your black guns tan , pink , or green . Not white of course , we all know how evil white is .

  2. Patricia Satchell says

    “Second Amendment Sisters”..gun ownership is “the Ultimate Feminine Protection !”

  3. Mountain Pilot says

    In 1958 I was in Jr. High School and in Civics class they had a whole section on the Constitution They used a book called “Your Rugged Constitution”.

    The section on the Second Amendment stated:

    You Deny: To the federal government the power to interfere with your ownership and use of weapons for lawful purposes.

    You Get: Protection against the wrong use of power by a national army.

    Now the interesting part: It was printed by Stanford University Press ( Palo Alto, California ) Copyright 1950 10 th. printing 1955 – Library of Congress Number 52-5965 – Page – 198-199

    I attended school in Los Altos, California. After class was completed the books were given to the students and told to keep them to remind them what a remarkable country we live in. I still have mine… California in the 50’s would have to be considered using today’s left wing view a ‘Radical far Right Wing State’.

    Guess Congress has burnt their Library copy of this book!

    In the last 55 years how things have changed, and not for the better…

  4. Admin Istrator says

    Look up the work Gaslighting and see if it doesn’t fit this current administration. Look up Eric Holder Brainwashing 1995 and see how long he has been active. Consider the sealing of records. Why? Because he is black and dares anyone to challenge him on the contents? Let us continue the fight because they don’t have anything to lose and will keep on and keep on. From the anti-gun lobby side, from the Healthcare side, From the Environmental side…, you can bet we will have to fight and fight some more. In the end, it will be worth it.

  5. undeRGRound says

    Paid off my AR right b4 and picked up my AR right after SANDYHOOK.
    Full Custom, $700! Sonny-Boy, (USMC Top Shooter) Talked me into one.

  6. Larry A. Altersitz says

    I absolutely LOVE the AR15 picture and its caption at the top of the article. Would make a GREAT t-shirt.

  7. amabo skcus says

    Since the low-data people of this country can not understand the Founding Fathers reasoning, 2nd Amendment, English words or common sense – maybe the pics below will help.

  8. Joe Farthing III says

    The insane liberals and the mainstream media will be the death of this country, and unfortunately I think we’re about to watch it unfold right before our eyes. I have no idea why they want to pitch our Constitution, our rights, and freedoms right out the window! They have already angered every gun owner in the country by even mentioning the words “gun control.” We all know it’s not about guns. It’s about control. I feel like we, the responsible gun owners, are caged dogs, and the liberals and their media buddies are constantly poking us with sticks and laughing at us while we continue to growl and bark! They couldn’t care less about what we are barking at or why. They have their own sick and twisted agendas and that’s all they care about. They do not look at the consequences of their actions and trying to reason with them is as difficult as trying to convince a terrorist to be nice! What they ignore about our great Constitution, is that our rights are NOT to be infringed! When a narrow minded liberal says something like “you don’t need that kind of gun or that many rounds for hunting!” they are completely misinterpreting the Second Amendment. The citizens have the right to own guns for many reasons, with the most important being, protection from enemies of the state, both foreign AND domestic. I have also heard people comment on the Second Amendment by saying, “when they wrote that, the only guns THEY had were muskets! You don’t need “assault weapons!” My reply to them was, “Yes, they did have muskets, and so their enemies. Now our enemies have fully automatic AK-47’s, Rockets, and bombs! By looking at this point, maybe our ‘semi automatic’ sporting rifles aren’t adequate ENOUGH!” That shut the mouths of every person that tried to argue with me and some of them actually came to me the next day and said, “Joe, I thought about what you said yesterday about guns…well, you made a good point and now I see what the big deal this gun debate actually is.”
    In closing, I wish us all the very best, and hope our politicians can take off their blinders!
    Joe Farthing III

    1. rollo says

      Amen. LIBs – low info bodies – take their soundbites of indoctrination and spout them at every chance they get, no matter how unfounded or idiotic it makes them out to be. Their word/actions are justified in their minds because someone told them they are. That is a scary concept and is here and now. I had someone recently tell me “No one needs a 20 rd clip”. I didn’t try to correct the person for the clip/mag wording as that was not the topic. I asked why they needed a 400+ hp car capable of 150 mph. Answer? “Because I want it”.
      Irony? That doesn’t even start to define it. When someone begins to question what a free man needs/wants that person is dangerous. We can own whatever we want because we are free. I decide what I need just as anyone else.
      If you can afford the cost you can be the boss.

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