Bill Nye, the Cow Fart Guy

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Bill Nye might be the last man on earth who still wants a carbon tax.

It seems like centuries ago that the left saw a carbon tax as a great excuse to start up a new world order based on communism and the fleecing of trillions of dollars from the productive western world. Now, the idea of a carbon tax is best left to the UN, a few kooky Canadians and Bill Nye the Netflix Series Guy.

His most recent interview with the lefties at The Daily Beast has Nye explaining how this time, this new carbon tax scheme he’s promoting will be good for conservatives.

“[T]his is what we can do and it’s a win-win: to have a fee on carbon.”


Except that carbon is a key component of all known life on our planet Earth and the element represents approximately 45-50% of all dry biomass.

Yeah, conservatives love taxing the very fibers of our beings.

What else can we expect from Bill Nye, who thinks that more old people should be dying in order to combat global warming? Sorry grandma, we’ll be giving you the Death Panel special so that we can save the dung beetles and naked mole rats.

The Interview

Speaking with the lefties, dingbat Nye said last week:

“So if you are raising livestock and producing a lot of carbon dioxide with your farm equipment and the exhaust from the animals, then you would pay a fee on that and it would be reflected in the price of meat, reflected in the price of fish, reflected in the price of peanuts.”

…so… exactly like a carbon tax. Farmers are already paying high tax on their equipment, and they’re paying tax on the land, and on the animals, and paying tax when they buy feed, and paying tax when they use their earnings to buy their family a nice car. All those taxes are also reflected in the price of fish and the price of peanuts.

Rush Limbaugh turned his golden microphone to the issue before the weekend, saying that he always used to joke about “taxes on cow farts” and now Bill Nye is the one out there proposing exactly that.

How To Irritate Bill Nye

During the course of the interview, Nye seemed upset that he still wasn’t the scientific overlord of the whole world. For someone painted as a scientific expert in so many fields, it’s worth remembering that he only holds an engineering degree. Not that engineering is a walk in the part, but there are hundreds of thousands of engineers out there and he’s the only one lecturing us all on cow farts.

During the interview, he gave us the secret on how to annoy him — by spreading silly information online.

“That anyone can get an online or social media discussion going about whether or not the Earth is flat is really extraordinary. That just shows that I have failed. My life’s work has been wasted.”

I’ve met people who believe up and down that their Gemini star chart will tell them how their love life will evolve, but haven’t met a single flat earther yet. If it wasn’t for Mike Hughes of “flying a self-built rocket ship into the air to prove that NASA is lying to us” fame, I wouldn’t think that any person truly held the flat earth belief.

And still, my money is on that Hughes is mentally ill.

At least Bill Nye’s mental illness makes him capable of living without supervision.

Ugh, Conservatives Ruin Everything!!

But unfortunately for Bill Nye, and fortunately for the rest of us who care about the amount of tax leaving our wallets on a yearly basis, he doesn’t believe that we’re stupid enough to go along with his cow fart plan.

“But conservatives now are against such a thing because they’re against any regulation, any tax or any government involvement in anything. But again, it won’t last, and a carbon fee would be a fantastic thing for the world.”

  • Conservatives hate regulation
  • Nye wants to tax the most common element on earth
  • Conservatives are dumb for resisting this regulation

They must be handing out “science guy” trophies to anyone these days. Bill Nye on Netflix will fit in just perfectly with the new shows Obama signed on to produce… in the list of things that I will never, ever watch.


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