Bill Maher Shreds Weak Democrats For Banning Debates On Fox News: ‘Grow A Pair!’

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I don’t care for Bill Maher. In fact, most of the time I despise the guy. But that doesn’t mean occasionally I don’t agree with him. He could not have been more right on his show last week when addressing the Democrats over banning debates on Fox News when he told them to, “Grow a pair.” Yes, please and stop censoring everyone who doesn’t agree with you politically.

The Democratic National Committee announced that they intend to exclude Fox News from hosting or moderating any of the party’s primary debates. Maher contends that you don’t win new voters by just speaking to those who are already on your side. You win over new voters by stepping out of your comfort zone, risking groans and eye rolls, to make a cogent argument for your political stance.

“Last week, the Democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down Fox News’s offer to host one of their 2020 primary debates, saying that Fox was nothing more than propaganda. OK, so why not go on Fox News and tell them that?” Maher said. Why not, indeed.

“You want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to ever play an away game?” Maher mocked. “You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask so you’re deciding to not take any questions at all?” he said. “How very Trump of you.” Now, I think that is an unfair comparison to Trump but Maher meant for his words to sting the Dems into action. I doubt it will, but points for trying.

The segment is a scalding one and very, very good as well as apropos. Maher went on to chastise the radical left: “You call yourself the resistance? Then fight behind enemy lines! That’s what a resistance does.” Dare to take the opposition on and beat them at their own game. That’s true resistance. Republicans are routinely shredded by the hostile media. If the right can take it, the left should have the spine to do the same. Not run from confrontation. Face it with a smile and arm up with logic and facts.

“This is a fundamental problem with the Democratic party,” Maher said. “They look weak, running from a fight when they should be in there throwing punches.” Exactly. You face your enemy, not avoid them. “Republicans never shy away from coming on this show,” he added. “And they come with a smile on their face, despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aides they brought with them.”

“The audience is against them and they don’t care, because it’s an opportunity to expose people to your side of the story,” Maher reflected. “So what if there are groans? Groans won’t kill you. Political TV is full of groans, and eye rolls, and pouting and, worst of all, Tucker-face.” Well, Tucker-face is a million times better than Maher-face but we get the point.

It’s not that Democrats aren’t invited onto Fox… they are all the time. They just don’t want the confrontation or to get trapped in their own words. They just don’t show. Maher took note of that: “Here’s a list of prominent Democrats who do frequently go on Fox News: Congressman Eric Swalwell. That’s it. Really, that’s the list.”

Maher doesn’t like Fox News. He hates them as much as any other leftie does. His point is that if you are going to win at politics you have to go where it is hostile to win the hearts and minds of your enemy. You have to field tough questions and take your lumps. “Look, we all know Fox News sucks. It’s ruined Facebook and Thanksgiving and turned your grandpa into a dick,” he said, to applause and laughter. “You have to get inside the bubble.” Maher even went after Rachel Maddow saying that her show is where 2020 campaigns go first… which is pointless because she’s already in their camp.

It’s a fact that the DNC doesn’t usually have their debates or forums on Fox News anyway. This whole announcement was to get media attention and get a rile out of Fox News. It’s also meant to stir up their radical base.

The left also doesn’t want to air their real views in depth because they are insane and lack depth. But if they want a prayer of winning over more voters, they better get with it and put themselves out there. Otherwise, more charismatic leaders will win… see 2016.

From Caleb Howe at TheBlaze:

“The DNC doesn’t want a lot of what is going on in their primary jockeying to reach those voters. Infanticide, socialism, reparations, and other far left of center positions being pushed by what can fairly now be called the “Ocasio-Cortez wing” of the Democrats aren’t popular among average American voters. In the general election, the eventual Democrat nominee won’t have to pander to that wing, but in the primary it’s currently a contest of who can be the most radical. Surely the DNC is thinking that keeping that part of their selection away from moderate and swing voters is simply a strategic necessity.

“If so, they are wrong. Maher is correct on several points, including the math of voters. But it is especially true that being weak and unchallenged is a recipe for disaster. When people can’t hold their leaders accountable, when their fawning fans and the networks that cater to them offer no pushback and become simply propaganda, then those leaders stop being deliberate and accountable and instead become deceptive, aloof, and dangerous.

“That’s a state of affairs our country is supposed to oppose. It’s kind of our thing.”

Sources: TheBlaze, Fox News, The RightScoop

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