Biden Family Scandals Have Everything: Sex, Cocaine, Hookers, Corruption, And A Son Sleeping With His Dead Bro’s Wife

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Joe Biden is running at the top of the Democrat Primary, and team Bernie, as well as some others, are throwing everything including a kitchen sink to knock him down. While Biden himself seems to have some serious #MeToo issues, as well as some foreign corruption, his family is supplying a plot better than a soap opera! Will Biden be able to overcome and stay on top of the pack?

It is definitely a dirty made-for-TV drama.

Part of Biden’s problem, is that his son Hunter is way past the age of being off limits during a campaign. Biden carries the bulk of the drama. To start, at 43, Hunter joined the military only to leave a year later after testing positive for cocaine use, as reported by WSJ.

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But that’s only a start.

The Daily Caller explains:

The news recently splashed across the New York tabloids that Hunter Biden, the surviving son of the ex-VP, is having an affair with Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, who died last year of brain cancer. She appropriately appears in all the family funeral pictures mourning alongside other family families.

Two months later, Hunter’s now estranged wife, Kathleen, was out. And now, Hallie is in.

As reported by NYP‘s Page Six, the divorce filings between Hunter and his estranged wife, Kathleen reveal so much more.

Namely, the family’s got debt because of bad boy Hunter Biden’s questionable spending habits that allegedly involve drugs, hookers, strip clubs, incredible debt and an $80,000 bauble that has disappeared.

In 2015, Hunter denied having a profile on Ashley Madison, the dating site for married people, despite the fact that the account was linked to his name and email.

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To make matters worse, the news broke this month that Hunter is now in a relationship with Hallie Biden.

Now this is a dilemma within itself. Hunter and Kathleen have two children, and Hallie and Beau have two.

Now get this:

If Hunter marries Hallie, that makes him a step-uncle to both of his children. That makes him a step-father to his brothers children, to whom he is already an uncle. That makes his new wife Hallie, who is already his sister-in-law,  a step aunt… to her own children. It makes all the cousins, brothers and sisters, and all the brothers and sisters, cousins!

Remember the song, I’m My Own Grandpa?

Just watch the video:

But the conclusion is hilarious, and not far gone from the Biden situation!
Now if my wife is my grandmother then I’m her grandchild
And every time I think of it, nearly drives me wild
‘Cause now I have become the strangest case you ever saw
As husband of my grandmother I am my own grandpa!

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Leaving out the cocaine that was found in a car that Hunter rented in 2016, there are the serious issues.

In both the Ukraine and China, as Vice President, Joe Biden was involved in some negotiations that INCREDIBLY benefited Hunter Biden financially. Not only that, Hunter accompanied Joe to China, in the negotiations that were worth billions to the son.

Now today, we are learning that Hunter advised a crooked Romanian businessman sentenced for corruption, which is also involved with Joe Biden dealings.

What a soap opera! And they have issues with the Trump family??

Keep the popcorn running!

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