Joe Biden Campaign BLEW Through $924K on Private Jets

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As Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, takes to the country decrying the effects of ‘carbon footprints’ on the climate, his campaign has been jet-setting all over the country using private jets, to the tune of almost a million dollars! Meanwhile, the candidate struggles to be competitive with his campaign cash, working with a third of what Bernie is raising and half of what both Buttegieg and Warren has brought in. 

Ending the last quarter of 2019, Biden has had a war-chest of almost $9 million. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came in first with $33.7 million. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren comes in second with her $25.7 million and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg closely behind in third with his $23.3 million.

Joe Biden is known in the past for calling himself the ‘poorest Senator’ and has always claimed to be ‘Just your average middle class Joe’.

Despite having significant fund raising problems, the campaign is reportedly ‘blowing‘ through huge amounts of cash, besides on the private jets. 

The Daily Beast reports:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is bleeding cash. And a big reason why appears to be an antiquated, higher-end approach to electoral politics that the former vice president has adopted.

Biden’s team spent more than $923,000 on private jets during the third quarter of 2019, according to recently filed Federal Election Commission data. The expenses, all made to the company EJCR, LLC Dba Advanced Aviation Team, represented a major chunk of change—accounting for roughly one out of every 16 dollars the campaign raised.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to lean on private jets as they crisscross the country in an effort to keep a schedule packed with speeches, rallies, and debates. But a review of Biden’s expenditures suggest that a good deal of what he’s spending money on currently involve efforts to simply raise more money.

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The former vice president spent more than $230,000 on “fundraising consultants” during Q3; nearly $500,000 on direct mail; and major chunks of change on high-end hotels in cities that serve as donor hubs but aren’t centrally located in early-voting states. During the third quarter period, the Biden campaign spent more than $20,000 at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City; more than $14,000 at the Coronado Island Marriott in San Diego; more than $4,400 at the Hotel Jerome Auberge in Aspen; and more than $10,500 at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, and more than $3,000 at the Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho.

While the campaign’s major expenses involved traditional campaign functions like payroll (which was nearly $9 million), office rentals, and digital advertising, the campaign also spent heavily on consultants—including several big-named aides.

Whe asked for comment, a Biden aide told The Daily Beast that a portion of the cost of the private jet travel was for carbon offsets, which compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by personal air travel.

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So he pays the tax, but still spills the carbon? What is wrong with that picture?

In responding to the fundraising difficulties, Joe Biden himself has been saying that he is not at all concerned about his campaign’s financial situation.

“We are doing fine. Fundraising is building, we’ve raised a lot of money online, and we’ve raised money offline as well. So we feel confident we’re going to be ready,” he said.

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