The Bible, Christ And You As You Truly Are

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I have odd thoughts at odd times. I was out to breakfast with a friend the other day; between order and meals arrival, I stepped outside to smoke. As I was approaching my friend and my eggs benedict, I thought, “return to the Bible.”

I read the Bible quite a bit on the streets, mostly those pocket size Gideon’s kind men would give me. After a while I grew a little uncomfortable if I did not have one on me.

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from the Bible and if you read it for that reason alone, bless you. However, much of the writing is as beautiful as you will find in Western Literature. The books of Luke, John and James come to mind as books I enjoy as works of art.


That night I opened to the Gospel of Luke; Luke seemed to have a special fondness for Mother Mary. I enjoy experiencing Zachery’s doubt, the humility of Mary and the shepherds, and the the joy of John the Baptist as he senses his Master while still in the womb. I loved revisiting the scholars awe at the teachings of a 12 year old Christ and the anxiety a missing child created for Joseph and Mary.

I have changed my name several times in my life and am now fine with the adverse and diverse reactions it creates in people. Many of the people I grew up with remember fondly as Geoff and Goat the nickname I carried at the time. I go by John now with the nickname Bear.

It makes me wonder if people see me as I am now or treat and see me based on their memories of me. How do I see others that I have known for many years? Do I see who is in front of me, their emotions and wonders, or do I think I already know who they are, and what they are like, without even checking to see if it still holds true.

According to Luke, not long after Christ started teaching in Israel, he was run out of his home town of Nazareth. Perhaps they could not see who he had become and wanted him to remain the carpenter’s son. Will you let your son’s and daughters grow and change or,do you want to trap them at an age where they worshiped your every deed, did just as you did, said just as you said.

“The eyes see only what the mind allows,” is a Hobo Metaphysics on mine. To see people beyond the mind’s structures and memories, is to see them in their their natural God given beauty. Do you actually see the people in your life? He is the silly kid from down the street. She is the mean lady who never smiles. Do you see the Christ in front of you or the old lady you been married to for twenty years?

I changed my name so as to see myself in new and expanded ways. How do you see yourself? As your parents saw and treated you as a kid? As your husband or wife and kids see you now. Can you look at yourself through the eyes of Christ; see your own innate goodness and beauty, despite who you have been told you are, despite who you may believe you are?

Good friends I love you with everything that I have, no doubt Jesus does as well. Can you say the same yourself.

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