Bibi the Hero Defeats Obama the Absolute Zero

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President Barack Obama was hell-bent on getting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu fired. Obama even directly meddled in the Israeli election.

Israeli voters reelected Bibi in a landslide and accelerated Obama’s collapse into global irrelevance. Bibi’s win had reverberations around the globe, but the noise could have been the sound of Obama throwing a temper tantrum in his room.

Hillary Clinton confessed that she deleted all emails from her server containing Obama’s phone number. Trey Gowdy understood, said he would too if he were a Democrat.

A frightened Sasha & Malia Obama begged their father not to help them in their races for homeroom class President.

The Center for Disease Control and Secret Service are quarantining Obama. He’s become politically toxic. Democrats are warned to stay away to survive.

Bibi Netanyahu‘s Israel victory was so resounding that even Al Gore gave up trying to find enough votes to steal it.

A Desperate POTUS Obama still trying to dispatch David Boies to Israel to find & argue anti-Bibi votes. ALs to help: Gore, Franken, Qaeda. Sharpton to lead riots

Obama said he had a telephone and vowed to use it. Bibi Netanyahu won the Israeli election. Obama either lost his phone or his couth.

Those angry over Bibi’s victory should blame the Jews. Arab Muslims voted against him. There is no word yet whether leftist unions bused them in from Jordan & Egypt.

Obama and other leftists remain hostile over Bibi Netanyahu‘s Israel win. They haven’t been this angry since…well, every other day actually.

After Netanyahu won, leftist Jews lost their dream of a two-state solution in Sweden where they can publicly share their Stockholm syndrome.

Bibi‘s reelection was a win for civilization and humanity over barbarism, Islamism and leftists living inside Obama’s rectum. A Palestinian state was found in his polyps.

Those who hate Bibi say it is wrong to use racial and ethnic bigotry and division to win reelection. Those tactics are encouraged if it is the 2012 Obama campaign.

In 2008 and 2012, Obama did not reach out to form unity governments with John McCain & Mitt Romney. Bibi won, so the Israeli right gets to govern. The left has been encouraged to go pound sand.

Anti-Netanyahu basket-case and California Senator Barbara Boxer again accused the GOP of hostage taking. Republicans are collecting donations to send this Jewish American Princess to Iran so she will see real hostage taking.

Meanwhile, there were 22 dead in a Tunisia terrorist attack. Obama was unable to determine the killers’ religion. Liberal Jews are expected to blame Netanyahu. Even if they don’t, they won’t use harsh language toward Islamists. They reserve that for conservative Republican Jews. At least Ron Paul supporters may blame the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve but not Bibi directly.

To really enrage Obama and leftists Bibi Netanyahu should give his Israel victory speech or his next Israeli State of the Union in front of a joint session of Congress.

On January 20, 2017, Israeli Prime Minister will be too busy to tell the Obama’s not to let the door hit them on their hides on the way out of the White House and all of our lives.

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