Ben & Jerry Arrested: Insert ‘Rocky Road’ Jokes HERE —

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Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream were arrested at the U. S. Capitol earlier this week.

They were participating in a demonstration sponsored by “Democracy Awakening” a socialist group that had to hire a consultant to be able to spell “democracy.”

Here’s the scene at the capitol and the arrest.

“Democracy Awakening” and their sister organization “Democracy Spring” were organizing protests ostensibly to get “money out of politics.” In fact they had a long laundry list of things they’re upset about.

They want to “protect voting rights” so that illegal aliens and those long dead can vote for Democrats.

They want “action on climate change,” whatever that means; “racial justice,” even though the thugs who are making black neighborhoods more dangerous than Tehran if you’re gay are being taken off the streets in record numbers.

They’re interested in “workers’ rights,” unless you happen to be a worker that doesn’t want to pay union dues and be forced to contribute to the Democratic Party.

They want “improvements in education,” unless that includes giving more parents control over where their kids go to school and the curriculum that they’re taught.

They want “immigration reform,” unless that includes enforcing existing immigration law.

And as for “getting money out of politics,” what they really want is to get conservative money out of politics; they have no problem with George Soros or any other left-wing-hack-billionaire donating to socialist causes under the guise of the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile – how did Ben & Jerry make their fortune? Spreading the ice cream around or selling it in a highly competitive free marketplace?

I guess once you get yours – you don’t want anyone else to compete with.

They’re lying scumbags – they are Capitalists through and through. Always have been.

Some background:

In May 1978, using $8,000 of their own money and $4,000 they’d borrowed, Cohen and Greenfield opened their first Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont. True entrepreneurs in every sense of the word, they ran all aspects of the business themselves. While Greenfield was the principal ice cream maker, Cohen served as taste-tester, scooper, truck driver, director of marketing and salesman.

By 1984, their gross receipts increased 120 percent over the previous year, with sales of more than $4 million.

There were ups and downs like any business in a Capitalist system – but Ben & Jerry pushed on..

I won’t bore you with details but eventually, with annual sales topping $200 million, the company reigned as the world’s second-largest producer of premium ice cream, and both of its founders are multi-millionaires.

Their uber-modern factory is a monument to capitalism and technological progress: Several dozen giant computer-operated machines churn out hundreds of thousands of cartons a day.

Think the massive energy-gulping freezers are solar-paneled or powered by green-friendly windmills?

Think again – they conventional electricity. It turns out that if you want really good ice cream, you just have to be a global warming denier..

THEN –  in 2000 our lovable Socialist heroes got filthy rich by selling out to corporate food giant Unilever.


Yet Ben Cohen is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders. Could you expect less from a hippy?

Why can’t people see through this crap?

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