Battered Wife Syndrome and the American Voter

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Politicians are arguably the lowest forms of life on the planet. This has become glaringly apparent in the midst of the illegal immigration crisis that is currently overtaking our southern border. President Obama has requested almost $4 billion from Congress for the care of thousands of illegal alien children that have been flooding into the U.S. In fact, it was recently reported that the government is spending $252 on each child per day. What are they feeding these kids, caviar?! How many people spend that much per day on a family of four? When the policies of this administration have taken such a toll on AMERICAN families, now they’re expected to bear the added burden of having to clean up the mess that the Coyote in Chief created? And do not forget, there is still an Obama vacation to subsidize.

Even more troubling is that the plight of these children is shielding the fact that Muslim terrorists, Chinese nationalists, MS-13 gang thugs, and members of Mexican drug cartels are also coming across. Do you think they give a rat’s ass about a work visa? It is also being reported that a variety of diseases including tuberculosis, scabies, AIDS, MRSA, H1N1 and lice are arriving as well.

In the middle of this is the American citizen who has been reduced to nothing more than a pocket to be picked by the corrupt public “servants” who are supposed to represent them. Pandering simpleton, Rep. Steny “The Halfwit” Hoyer (D-MD) had this glittering jewel of mental deficiency to add to the debate:

“Let’s say you build a fence, just hypothetically, and you saw five hundred children standing at the fence, and you saw them standing there 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours. There’s a fence there and they can’t go anywhere and they stay there. What do you do?”

How many children from around the globe would love to come to the United States, Rep. Hoyer? Are we supposed to let them all come in? Who is going to foot the bill for that…YOU?! Perhaps we should advertise Hoyer’s backyard as an outfit to house these people. Of course, it is easy for some progressive moonbat from Maryland to spew this kind of tripe. I bet he would not be saying this if he represented a district within a border state.

However, it is not only the states on the southern border that are being impacted. Residents of Vassar, Michigan are pushing back against a juvenile facility that has applied for federal funding and offered to take 120 of the illegals. This is not exclusively a border issue. This is a national issue, as ALL of us will be expected to pay for the consequences of Obama’s effort to “fundamentally transform America.”

Arizona’s dim bulb, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose favorite pastimes include arming terrorists, goes even further, implying that illegal aliens are entitled to the same rights as American citizens:

“To have 11 million people living in the shadows of this country is an unacceptable situation, and to deprive them of the rights – of the human rights, much less the rights of our citizens, which unfortunately happens everyday, is not acceptable in the greatest nation on earth.”

There is an election coming in a few months and do not be surprised if there is an effort to extend the vote to illegals. It has already been proposed in New York and elsewhere. Even so, this “scamnesty” con job of the ruling class could completely blow up in their faces. Many incumbents will alienate those of us who know that this orchestrated chaos degrades the integrity of our borders, poses a major national security risk and diverts funds away from truly needy American citizens. The current black unemployment rate is 10.7%. In a highly competitive job market, the immigration issue has the potential to drive away votes that were once considered safe.

We The People need to remind these worthless carbon life forms in Washington that they work for US…and by “us” I mean legal American citizens. The problem is that average voters are like battered wives–unhappy with the situation, but feeling powerless to do anything about it. Many people say they want to throw the bums out, but what they really mean is that they want to throw all the other bums out and keep their own. The voters in Ohio and Kentucky had the opportunity to do this with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and they refused.

Just as an abusive husband often controls the purse strings, so too does the GOP establishment, leaving conservative challengers to fend for themselves. This is why the Mississippi senate runoff, (which is still being contested), has national ramifications. The final result of this challenge has the potential to send a huge message to the powers that be. The voters in Virginia gave Eric Cantor the boot, so we know it can be done.

Are we as taxpayers tired enough of getting our collective asses kicked by a drunken, abusive Uncle Sam, that we are willing to do some House cleaning and Senate sweeping? Watching our representatives advocate for the interests not only of people who have absolutely no legal right to be here, but also of those who actively seek to do us harm, is like coming home and finding your husband in YOUR bed with his lover. If we would not tolerate this kind of behavior in our own homes, why are we putting up with it in DC?

The first step out of an abusive relationship is through the door. It is time to put foot to backside via the ballot and kick” our reprobate representatives to the Capitol curb.

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