Bass Pro Shops Made a Huge Move to Help Harvey Flood Victims

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There is something about a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, that tends to remind people to put aside all our political differences and come together as Americans. Whether we are Republicans or Democrats, we all want to help those in need of this major disaster in the Houston, Texas. Even with rescue efforts underway, the cleanup costs and volunteers are going to cost well over $40 billion.

With this kind of disaster corporations tend to dig deep into their own coffers and help out. Businesses like Verizon Communications, Toyota Motors of North America, Walmart, Pepsico, Home Depot, and Lowes are just a few companies that have joined in their efforts with donations to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Recently, one more big corporation jumped onboard ….Bass Pro Shops!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Hunting and fishing gear store Bass Pro Shops has stepped up and offered a helping hand to those displaced by the torrential flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

The company has donated more than 80 boats to be used by search and rescue teams to help rescue those displaced by rising waters.

In a statement, the company said it was coordinating with local, state and federal agencies to assist with rescue efforts as well as assess ongoing needs.

The company also said it was supporting other relief organizations with supplies totaling $40,000. Supplies include protein-rich foods like beef jerky and peanuts for those working in the field.

Officials said more than 3,000 people were rescued from flooded cars, trucks and homes since Sunday, according to Fox Business.

That number will probably increase over the next few days, as the efforts are still continuing.

The boats will no doubt be put to good use as the storm has dumped an historic amount of rain on areas in and around Houston, and boating is simply the fastest way to reach those in need.

Bass Pro Shops, which was founded in 1972, has seven retail stores and seven boating center locations in Texas, with three of those in the greater Houston area.

The company said it was also supporting associates who have been impacted by the storm through its Bass Pro Cares Fund.

Bass Pro Shops has more than 100 locations across the country, and they are known far and wide by outdoor enthusiasts who love to hunt, fish, boat, camp, and hike.

Again, it’s nice to see all these companies and Americans uniting for a good cause and helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Hat’s off to Bass Pro Shops! What a great contribution! If you support Bass Pro Shops, make sure to say ‘thank you’. Show your support by shopping there or donating on your own contributions to the Red Cross.

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