Barr, Huber, Horowitz, Graham and Nunes: 5 Major Investigations Have Obama And Hillary Terrified

"What they did was treason. What they did was terrible. What they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for!" ~ President Trump

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Now that the Mueller Investigation is done, it is Hillary and Obama’s turn and they have 5 very major investigations looking into EVERYTHING! There is no way that these two escape Barr, Huber, Horowitz, Graham and Nunes. There is no way that even the media can help them.

Of course, Attorney General Barr has already told us that the Department of Justice will be looking into the actions of Hillary and Obama, and their minions, in the events that led up to the Mueller Investigation in the first place.

Barr says he thinks “spying did occur” against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He made that clear in comments before a Senate panel on Wednesday that the origins of the Russia investigation have been mishandled. He has been saying now for weeks that the DOJ is investigating.

What they did was treason. What they did was terrible.

What they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for!

~ President Trump

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, a Trump confidant who has raised concerns about Justice Department conduct investigating Trump, says that Barr’s willingness to step in is “massive.”

It is all in reference to to a secret surveillance warrant that the FBI obtained in the fall of 2016 to monitor the communications of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, who has not been charged with any wrongdoing. That warrant application included a reference to research by an ex-British spy that was funded by Democrats to examine Trump’s ties to Russia.

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Lindsey Graham and and Devin Nunes, on behalf of the Senate and House respectively, are also beginning investigations into Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats, and any illegal shenanigans they were up to leading up to the election.

In a letter addressed to Barr, who took over the DOJ last month, Graham made targeted document requests that he said will help his committee determine whether proper procedure was ignored when the FBI made its case for FISA warrants to wiretap Page and other Trump campaign officials.

“[T]he Committee is concerned that the Woods procedures and a full presentment of material and relevant facts may not have occurred with regard to the applications for FISA warrants for (and the opening of the underlying investigations on) Carter Page and other individuals associated with the presidential campaign of Donald Trump,” Graham wrote.

Rep. Devin Nunes is expected to submit his long-awaited criminal referrals to the Justice Department today.

Nunes states that he has eight criminal referrals, including a couple related to charges of conspiracy to lie to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. He has not yet named anyone who might be in the referrals.

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The biggies are the investigations, that are expected to be concluded very soon, by U.S. Attorney John Huber and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Huber was appointed over a year ago by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to review not only surveillance abuses by the FBI and DOJ, but also authorities’ handling of the probe into the Clinton Foundation. His investigation has often been described as about, “All things Clinton.”

Horowitz is reviewing potential surveillance abuses by the FBI, a review that began last March and that Fox News is told is nearing completion. Horowitz has previously found that senior FBI officials routinely leaked information without authorization to the media, and also received “improper gifts” from reporters, including meals and sporting event tickets. Most notably, Horowitz found that FBI officials’ anti-Trump communications raised doubts as to the integrity of their work.

In the mean time, Judicial Watch keeps pumping out FOIA lawsuits like taffy and have already opened a number of hornets nests. I would encourage you to go to and see what they have been up to.

Their latest headline: Judicial Watch Uncovers ‘Cover-Up’ Discussions in Latest Production of Clinton Email Documents, should tell you just how good it is.

I know sometimes we feel like we will never see justice for the many abuses during the eight years that Obama was in power. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

There were so many scandals. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS Scandal just to name a few.

Justice is coming! I believe that.

Keep your popcorn out!

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