Bar Creates Social Uproar Over Menstrual-Themed Cocktail Complete With Tampon Garnish

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A bar in Lakeland, Ohio has come up with a unique cocktail for a fundraiser and it has social media fired up. For this bar, it’s always that time of the month and not everyone is happy about it. Yuzu, an izakaya (casual Japanese pub) inspired bar, just unveiled their new berry margarita that comes garnished with a tampon. According to the bar’s Facebook post, one dollar from every purchase will be donated to the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland. Oh boy.

Yuzu promoted the new drink on Facebook by posting “it’s that time of the month, time for a new menu that is…” The drink, called the Even Can’t Literally, is a berry margarita that comes garnished with a tampon. According to one of the restaurant’s bartenders, however, the tampon is optional. Thank goodness at least for that. Just sick.

Fox 8 in Cleveland reports that Sarah Krueger, the drink’s creator, told them “we also decided if someone doesn’t want the actual tampon in their drink, they can donate that tampon as well. They can get the drink and say ‘donate the tampon, we just want the drink’ and we’ll still donate the dollar to the woman’s shelter.”

This PR move was ripped on Facebook. One person commented, “You know you could have just donated those tampons to the women’s shelter, right? Where they need tampons? Okay, cool. Just making sure.” Another user said “round of applause Yuzu! I didn’t think it was possible, but you guys took a charitable cause for women and still managed to degrade female bodily functions and mock female vernacular with the drink name.” So very true.

It's that time of the month– time for a new menu that is– like this new cocktail– Even Can't Literally / a berry…

Posted by Yuzu on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Another person also took issue with the name, asking, “Anyone else notice that the name of the drink is misogynistic too? Making fun of the way women talk?”

The bar’s owner spoke with Fox 8 about the response, stating: “I agree there is controversy, but at the same time I think it’s great they have found a way to get people talking about some of the needs. So this is a small way to bring awareness to real good causes that we are behind.” Any press is good press no matter how gross the PR I guess.

This isn’t the first time the bar has received blowback from the public. Yuzu also got plenty of backlash in February when it posted a picture showing a bag full of fentanyl pills on its Instagram account. The picture contained a satire of Captain Crunch: “Oops! All Berries” cereal with a picture of the character saying “brunch” and the words, “Oops! All Fentanyl” underneath it. Not funny.

These people have no class and no sense of decorum. Yuzu’s owner Dave Bumba also mentioned that the health department said it was safe to put tampons in the drinks. Do tell and no thanks.

Hundreds voiced their disgust on the bar’s Facebook page saying things like, “this is revolting. I met my boyfriend here and hoped that we could have an anniversary celebration here. But after the fentanyl stunt and now this, i can only hope you get run out of business.” I agree… just tasteless and gross beyond words.

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