Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield refuses team command to leave field so he can finish signing autographs for soldiers

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Sometimes it’s simple acts of kindness that turn men into heroes and heroes into legends. After spending about fifteen minutes with invited military signing autographs and taking selfies, the NFL Cleveland Browns football team members were instructed to go inside their training facility to continue their day of lifting, watching film and preparing for Thursday’s preseason opener.

Baker Mayfield, however, refused to leave the field.

Mayfield wouldn’t budge, keeping right on meeting and greeting until he signed autographs and took selfies with each service member remaining on the field

Reaction to Mayfield’s gesture got plenty of positive feedback in the comments:

  • “Dude just gets it. He has the city in the palm of his hand.”
  • “That’s what I am talking about!!! Nice job Baker.”
  • “Is anybody cutting onions around here? For some reason I keep tearing up a little watching this. What an awesome dude.”
  • “Well done Baker! And thank you to all the soldiers for their service!”
  • “I’m a packers fan and [this] guy is my QB”
  • “How can you not like this dude?”

One of the soldiers reacted with his own appreciation:

“Baker Mayfield was called off the field by the team when autographs were supposed to be over. He refused and signed and took selfies with every soldier remaining on the field,” reporter Hayden Grove captioned the video of Mayfield on Twitter.

The NFL, in recent years, has been plagued by controversial national anthem protests, seen by many Americans as a slight to the men and women who fight for our freedom. As reported last month, former 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick directed Nike to cancel a Betsy Ross-style American flag shoe. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Kaepernick found the Revolution era sneaker “offensive.”

Mayfield’s small nod to those who serve in the U.S. military is a look in the other direction. Despite mild criticism from opponents for his aggressive on-field attitude, the charismatic QB has developed a notable role as a motivator on his own team. In a “mic’ed up” video posted by the Browns in January, Mayfield drops endless silly one-liners, encourages his teammates and celebrates their successes, and even offers to block for his running backs.

People who don’t like Mayfield are just haters and losers of which, sadly, there are many. They hate seeing a common everyday man succeed in football and in life. He’s like Johnny Manziel, with a brain. Cleveland might have finally gotten it right.

You might recall a few months back that Mayfield got annoyed with an Ohio high school that did away with its valedictorian and salutatorian awards over concerns about students’ mental health and the school’s “competitive culture.”

“This is so dumb,” Mayfield noted in a viral tweet. “You’re telling me competition doesn’t bring out the best in people? If you want something bad enough, work for it. People are too soft.”

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