Bad-Mannered Woman Kicked Off Flight For Tirade About Sitting Between ‘Two Pigs’

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We have a severe shortage of manners and decorum in this country and the entitlement mentality oozes from this woman who called two large people pigs right in front of them.

An unhinged woman was kicked off a recent United Airlines flight after going on a fat-shaming tirade about her two seatmates. She the passengers on either side of her “two big pigs.” while on the phone sitting between them.

This woman is an embarrassment to her parents because most likely they taught her manners and she was not using them. She claimed she was not ‘politically correct’. Well she is ignorant, because being ill-mannered is not political incorrectness.

But enough rant… here’s the story.

The woman was kicked out of a United Airlines flight from Vegas to Newark for fat-shaming her fellow passengers because she was stuck in the middle seat between them.

The exchange was caught on camera.

This woman was recorded speaking on her cellphone complaining about being squished and that she couldn’t move. The video was posted by Norma Rodgers, a New Jersey nurse, according to her Facebook.

“Oh my goodness! I don’t know how I’m going to do this for the next four hours!” the woman barks into her cellphone on the Las Vegas-to-Newark flight.

“This is just impossible ’cause they’re squishing me. Like, just unbelievable. At least they’ll keep me warm,” she fumes. “I can’t sit here because they’re both so big on left and right. I can’t even sit here.”

Fed up with her ranting, eventually the woman sitting next to her, Norma Rodgers, says: “b***h, please, ok?”.

Another passenger comes across and suggests she move to a window but comes back to say there are none.

The women continues with her rant saying “I can’t do this” and jokes “well, I eat salad”.

At that point Rodgers, who is a nurse, asks the flight attendant to move the woman.

“Excuse me, can you find her another seat? Because I will not be verbally abused by this b***h or anybody else,” she said.

“I will not be verbally abused by anybody. I’m not tolerating it. I am not starting my new year off with this kind of negativity.”

The flight attendant asks the woman if she would like to wait in the back so that she could look to see if there was another seat free.


Meanwhile other passengers begin to voice their anger at the woman.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, madam. What you’re doing is so terrible, you should be ashamed of yourself,” said one of the passengers.


The woman angrily replies: “Why don’t you try and sit between those two big pigs?”

Rodgers posted on her Facebook page thanking flight attendants, supervisors and gate agents for deescalating the situation on United flight 1583 professionally and calmly.

She said in another post that the name calling began before the video, which is about 4 minutes long.

United Airlines confirmed the woman was removed from the flight due to her behavior.

“United flight attendants care about the safety and well being of all of our customers which is why they acted quickly to find a different seat for the disruptive customer When it became clear that this passenger’s behavior was likely to be problematic on this flight, she was provided alternate travel arrangements first thing the next morning,” spokesman Robert Einhorn said in a statement.

People just really need to grow up!

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