Babies Father Injected Him With HIV For SICK Reason!

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What kind of sick bastard does this?! Brryan Jackson’s father, that’s who. The judge even called this daddy the ‘worst kind of war criminal’ then told him he would burn in hell right after he was sentenced to life in prison.

What was going through this screwed up father’s mind when he injected his son with a life deteriorating disease?! PURE selfishness mixed with another motive.

Through it all, Brryan Jackson said he’s forgiven his dad for doing the unthinkable, injecting him with HIV-tainted blood when he was a baby just so he could avoid paying child support.

After being given only months to live after the sickening incident, doctors were baffled, the virus became virtually undetectable! This is something doctors called nothing short of miraculous.

‘Anyone in my condition would die in three months, they gave me five,’ Brryan stated.

‘I went from 23 pills to just one pill a day and now I’m undetectable, my T-cell count has been up, giving me zero per cent chance of passing on the virus.’


He was just 11-months-old in 1992 when Brian Stewart sentenced him to what doctors said was certain death by administering the lethal injection when he was on the brink of divorce with Brryan’s mother.

Why? Because the blood transfusion specialist was concerned about child support payments.

With his son in hospital suffering from asthma, Stewart crept into his hospital room and plunged a needle with HIV-tainted blood into him.
As baby Brryan’s giggles and smiles turned to lethargy and weeping, his family became concerned and took him to the doctors to be tested.

With all other results returning negative, doctors decided to test blindly for HIV and were shocked with the positive result it returned.

Bryyan developed full blown AIDS at the age of five and lost 70 per cent of his hearing due to all the medication he was taking – at one stage 23 oral pills, two IV bags, and three injections.
Doctors said he would not live past six – dying either from the highly toxic drugs or the disease.article-2441633-1876c7f600000578-217_634x359

Despite being convicted of first-degree assault and handed down a life sentence, Stewart could be free in a few years.

Growing up, Brryan described how misinformation about his disease sometimes bred cruelty in the classroom.


He revealed a bit about his childhood:

‘You can’t drink from the water fountain, he has to bring his own water bottle … you can only use one restroom and just different other things. I mean, I was left out of birthday parties,’

He admitted that at one stage he contemplated suicide, saying:

‘I had three knives in front of me and thought, why me? Why me? But I realized there is hope, and it’s not about what you have it’s what you can give.’


Now, that 22-year-old gives all credit to his Christian faith for his positive attitude and forgiving spirit. Stating that he forgave his father because:

‘I think there is salvation for everyone, and I find myself praying for his salvation.’

Brryan’s still attending college and is giving serious thought to a career in church ministry or politics. He’s even contemplated attending medical school.

If this kid didn’t seem like enough of a poster boy for the Christian faith, in his free time he promotes education on HIV/AIDS in order to prevent the spread of HIV, disband myths and reduce negative stigma related to being HIV positive.

How sad that this young kid suffered such a horrific trial all his life, but he conquered it, and came out on top! What an amazing person.

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