Auto Shop Vandalized After Owner’s Comments on Gays [VIDEO]

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Brian Klawiter, who owns a Michigan auto repair shop had his place of business vandalized after posting on his business’s Facebook page that his shop would refuse service to people who were “openly gay.” The shop, Dieseltec, had some broken windows and graffiti sprayed on the building and vehicles.

Mr. Klawiter’s Facebook posting was about appropriate behavior in his place of business.

The harassment has gone beyond broken windows and graffiti.

There have been inappropriate threats and messages against Klawiter, his employees, and their families on the company’s answering machine.

Mr. Klawiter never experienced any problems before he posted his viewpoints about gun rights, dishonesty, thievery, as well as homosexuality. Klawiter said that he was compelled to post his opinions to make people aware of the changes that are happening in society.

Mr. Klawiter is continuing to stand his ground even after the backlash. The very least his detractors can do is have the courage to speak to him directly rather than stoop to cowardly acts of vandalism and threats.

“What I meant by my original statement, was that I am drawing a line in the sand: where someone is engaging in overt displays of homosexual behavior, I don’t have to tolerate it in my place of business, just like I don’t have to tolerate overt displays of immoral heterosexual behavior in my shop (hypothetically speaking).”

“Well, folks, as we predicted, it didn’t take long for the ugly face of the homosexual movement to present itself. What started out with ‘mere’ death threats against myself and my family and homosexuals spamming my Facebook page with gay porn shots, has escalated to physical violence.”

He said police responded and told him to report the damage to his insurance company. He said police would not take a rock with an alleged fingerprint on it.

“The homosexual agenda is evil, and is prepared to destroy anyone who gets in its way, or who calls homosexuality a sin. Today it’s us; tomorrow, it could be you,” Klawiter wrote Tuesday on his company’s Facebook page.

Klawiter maintained that his focus in an initial Facebook post included gun rights (armed customers get a discount), dishonesty, thievery and an “entitlement mentality,” not just homosexuality, which has been at the center of controversy.

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