Autistic Boy Left in Tears: Teacher Yanks Mic Away at School Thanksgiving Program! [VIDEO]

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This video of this teacher yanking the mic right in front of a six-year-old autistic child about to speak will infuriate you.

As always, the district and school are making excuses for the teacher and Mrs. Lindsay has not apologized!

Caleb was playing a turkey in the production at Nutter Fort Primary School in Harrison County, West Virginia, and was ready to say his line, ‘gobble gobble’.

While the majority of teachers are there to do their jobs and set good examples, there are always exceptions. The district says that this teacher cares about the kids, but this video definitely shows an issue:

Sign the Petition to have Mrs. Lindsey removed. 

If you watch the video, it is irrefutable that that Mrs. Lindsay knows what she did and was rather rude in how she did it. The district says that it was just a mistake without malice. Wrong!

“In the video that was recorded by the boy’s mother at the school’s Thanksgiving play you can see the boy walking up to the microphone to speak but before he can a teacher at the school walks up and takes the microphone away. Immediately after, the child begins to cry.”

Superintendent Mark Manchin told 5 News; “It’s a mistake that was made. There was no malice. This teacher, as all of our teachers, truly care about these young boys and girls. The program was over, at least as I understand, and the teacher had taken the microphone”.

This video of this teacher yanking the mic right in front of a six-year-old autistic child about to speak will infuriate you.

What is so hard about the teacher going on camera and saying: “I made a mistake. I got a little frustrated and I did the wrong thing. I am sorry.”

My biggest issue is that Superintendent Manchin, Mrs. Lindsay, and everyone else involved in the cover-up and denial are teaching these kids to handle their mistakes just that way: Deny, lie and cover-up!

What is wrong with people? Didn’t these people have parents that taught them some basic principles? This is a no brainer!

A six-year-old autistic boy burst into tears! Say you are sorry!!! MORONS!

We have all done some dumb things. It is not about the mistake, it is how you handle it!




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  1. JenniferP says

    She had nothing to be frustrated about he hadn’t even tried yet. Mean woman. Leave them kids alone.

  2. thefounderwswereright says

    just another liberal pig of a teacher.

  3. Da_Jokah says

    She treated the kid like a “Retard” instead of an “Autistic” person. I guess she was worried what he was going to say and embarrass the school as well as himself. Shame on her and the school board.

  4. jaydee says

    I am assuming that the teacher is a liberal and for once she stuck to the rules that the play was over. I thought that these super sensitive and tolerant teachers would have let him say gobble, gobble and then explain that the play had ended, he did a great job and now it was time to leave the stage. I have an autistic son and he would have understood about the end.

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