Atheists Are Upset Over Principal’s Great Speech That The Crowd Loved

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Atheists do not believe in GOD. How can they be upset with something they do not believe in?

With all the troubles going on today in our society, you would think GOD and the teachings of Jesus Christ would be welcomed.

Seriously, how can you go wrong following the Ten Commandments??

“Thou shall not kill” What is wrong with that statement?
“Thou shall not steal” Seems simple enough to me.
“Thou shall not commit adultery” Is this too judgmental?
“Honor thy mother and father” Seriously folks, how is this a bad thing?

Or principles taught by Christ himself:

“Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” Teaching compassion. Good rule of thumb, don’t you think?
“A widow gave two coins of very little worth.” Generosity, even in poverty, shows unselfishness.

Now, on to the principal that had the nerve to ask GOD to bless and watch over this graduating class.

“So while it would not be politically correct for us to have an official prayer this evening, I would like for us to have a moment of silence in honor of tonight’s graduates,” Lowery told students. “Thank you. And just in case you’re interested, during my moment of silence, I gave thanks to God for these great students, their parents, their teachers and for this community.”

Should we line up and cane him? Or should we, just maybe, allow people to wish our children and community GOD’s blessings? After all, how can “it” hurt you if you do not believe in it?

This is a brave man!

To me, it would seem that this community is blessed to have a man that cares for his students.

Some of the students seem to think so.

Another student, Sadie Ashton Staver, said she would miss the “best principal” in America.



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