Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth Now, But Set to Return and Smack Us in 40 Years! [Video]

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WOW! To think that asteroid Bennu is traveling at 63,000 mph and is just going to miss us, but then swing around again in 40 years and SMACK us with 3 billion tons of high explosives! What are the odds of that? Talk about a “Big Bang”!

An asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth could cause ‘immense suffering and death’ years later if its orbit is changed when it passes dangerously near to our planet.


The space rock, called Bennu, crosses Earth’s orbit once every six years and is set to pass between the moon and our planet in 2135.

Scientists are worried the 500-metre wide asteroid’s orbit could be tweaked by Earth’s gravity as it passes by, causing it to smash into our planet later in the century.

‘That 2135 fly-by is going to tweak Bennu’s orbit, potentially putting it on course for the Earth later that century,’ Dante Lauretta, professor of planetary science at Arizona University, told the Sunday Times.

‘It may be destined to cause immense suffering and death,’ he added.

Here’s more on Bennu:

It is hard for astronomers to predict how the close run-in between Earth and the moon will affect Bennu’s orbit, but Lauretta estimates that it could shift it onto a collision course with our planet.

Let’s hope NASA scientists and our technology can help intercede and make a difference in our near future or at least 40 years from now. It will be challenging as we all know Obama has had a devastating effect on NASA since he took office.

“Life is short enough… and you never know what the future holds until it hits.” – Armageddon.

All this talk of Bennu reminds me of “Armageddon”:

“This is the best that you…the government …the U.S. government can come up with! You’re geniuses! You’re the guys that think this SHIT up!” – Bruce Willis

By the way, did you know some people had a chance to fly their names on a round-trip ride to the target of the OSIRIS-REx mission, the asteroid Bennu? Sorry if you missed it, but at least you can still follow the mission.




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