Texas School Teacher: Parents ‘Don’t Know What’s Best’ & ‘Should NOT Have the Final Say’ for Their Own Children

"Some of you don’t know what is best for your kids."

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English teacher Anthony Lane at Willis High School in Willis, Texas has declared that “Parents should not have the final say” in their children’s lives and that “Some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.” As you would imagine, especially in Texas, this did not set well with many parents in the Texas town. In fact, it most likely would not have even set well in California or New York!

Anthony Lane posted on Facebook that parents shouldn’t have the final say because they don’t know what’s best for their children. He also said that teachers are “afraid” of parents because they “are given so much authority.”

I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community, and that parents should not have the final say. Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.

Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world. We are not required to protect the misguided, bigoted views of their parents.

If you want your children educated with your values, find a private school that will do it. The public education system is not here to serve your archaic beliefs.

Angry yet? Anthony Lane couldn’t be more incorrect.

Principal of Willis High School Stephanie Hodgins (936) 856-1250 [email protected] HS FACEBOOK

Tim Harkrider Superintendent WISD 936-856-1200 [email protected]  ISD FACEBOOK (They are deleting comments)

Anthony Lane doesn’t believe parents should be sovereign over their children but rather that teachers know better what moral believes to engender in children.

Since at least 1923, in the United States Supreme Court decision of Meyer versus Nebraska, it has continuously been the law of the United States that parents have the right to direct the religious upbringing of their children and to control the process of their children’s education.

The post by Anthony Lane has since been pulled down.

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The incident was in response to the district asking a Drag Queen to come in and teach makeup in the classroom. On October 18, a drag queen performer who goes by the name Lynn Adonis-Deveaux was brought in to instruct students on how to apply makeup, reported Community Impact Newspaper:

According to a statement from Willis ISD sent to parents, the administration was aware Adonis-Deveaux performed in drag previously, but was understood they would not be in “full drag.”

“School administrators learned at the end of the day that the man was wearing jeans but also wore heels and makeup,” the statement said. “However, the speaker did as asked, which was to talk to students about makeup application. The guest speaker did not discuss sexual orientation, lifestyle or anything else other than makeup application.”

Inman said a parent contacted him after the event and asked him to do something. He said although he is a CISD trustee, he has three daughters that attend Willis HS and wanted to find out more about the event.

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“I put numerous calls into the administrator’s office, which of course they made it abundantly clear they will not talk about it,” Inman said. Inman said he does not have a problem with Adonis-Deveaux but does not approve of them being allowed in front of children.

“I’ve got a problem when somebody with a false name enters a school and has advertised himself as an adult exotic dancer for men … Nobody would be allowed in a school under those circumstances,” Inman said.

According to several screenshots posted to Facebook, Willis HS did include the event on its monthly calendar, called “Drag Queen/Makeup Class.” However, Inman said Adonis-Deveaux is not a licensed cosmetologist.

“As a parent, I have a right to know who’s in that school building,” Inman said.

Now I am no prude. I am not opposed to bringing in controversial issues into the high school format, as long as parents are well informed and as well have an opt out.

But for a teacher like Anthony Lane to declare that “Parents should not have the final say” in their children’s lives and that they “Don’t know what is best” for their kids should be a reason for removal from the job.

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These are legitimate concerns. I don’t hate drag performers, but their career consists of performing in bars. A parent has the full right to object having one in front of their children undermining the social values that they choose to teach in their home.

I don’t care what Anthony Lane believes, and is free to believe it! But he NOT free to foist his beliefs on his students and he is REALLY not free to undermine the authority and beliefs of the parents.

You know the drill! Anthony Lane needs to find other work.

Principal of Willis High School Stephanie Hodgins (936) 856-1250 [email protected] HS FACEBOOK

Tim Harkrider Superintendent WISD 936-856-1200 [email protected]  ISD FACEBOOK (They are deleting comments)


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