Antarctic Suffering Global Cooling: Ice Growth Threatens Population

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Is it global warming or global cooling? Is it “climate change” or is it just weather? Is it “settled science” or is it a “scientific” scam to bleed billions of dollars out of politicians all over the world.

Remember this?

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According to NASA Al Gore had his head in his refrigerator too long because in fact,

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That’s right NASA says the Antarctic ice caps are, in fact, growing. NASA said, in a recent report, that it will be at least 2046 before the world sees a net loss of ice. Keep in mind that these idiots can’t predict what’s going to happen three years out let alone 30 years out.

When you see NASA trying to discount actual facts that run contrary to the climate change liturgy please remember that NASA is absolutely committed to that liturgy. Their funding depends on it. Just like the funding for every other group that likes to make climate change a pressing emergency so they can shut down the economy and turn the U. S. into Zimbabwe.

“Climate change” has nothing to do with “climate” it has everything to do with “money” and government control.

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