Anheuser-Busch Considers Dropping NFL… Here’s How YOU Can Vote!

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So the NFL ratings are down thanks to the NFL players and their pathetic and disrespectful protest of kneeling during the national anthem. Nice jobs morons! However, if you’re a sponsor of the NFL, you’ve got to be second guessing your overpaid ads right about now.

One of the National Football League’s largest sponsors has made a move that it could be dropping the NFL — and they’re seeking YOUR input on the decision.  Nice, huh?  Looks like the beer company is taking a whole different stand than the Ford Motor Company, who evidently stands behind their trucks but encourages players to not stand for patriots.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Anheuser-Busch has set up an option on its consumer hotline specifically for fans to register their feelings on the recent national anthem protests in the NFL. The beverage giant has a $1.5 billion contract with the NFL through the 2022 season, and its flagship Bud Light product is the league’s official beer.

However, according to KTVI-TV in St. Louis, the beverage giant saw its customer hotline crash after a wave of calls criticizing the anthem protests and Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the league.

So HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to let Anheuser-Busch know where YOU STAND when it comes to honoring our nation, our flag and our patriots.

Call (800) DIAL BUD — or (800) 342-5283.  The first option on the menu will be for registering how you feel about the anthem protests.

Let them know that as Americans, WE STAND FOR OUR NATION, OUR FLAG AND OUR PATRIOTS!!!!

“If you are calling with questions or comments about Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the NFL, press one,” the recorded message says.

Pressing one will get you this: “At Anheuser-Busch, we have a long heritage of supporting the nation’s armed forces, veterans and military dependents. The national anthem is a point of pride for our company and for the 1,100 veterans that we employ. Please feel free to share your feedback after the tone.

That’s when you let them have it! Leave your message that as an American you do NOT support Anheuser-Busch, the NFL or NFL players who kneel during our national anthem and that you will NOT be attending games or buying their products as long as they support the NFL and NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

After last week’s round of protests in the NFL, the company tried to finesse its stance.

“These are complex issues that require in-depth discussions and nuanced debate,” Matt Kohan, the Anheuser-Busch senior director of marketing communications, said in a statement, according to CBS.

“What I can say is that at Anheuser-Busch we have a long heritage of supporting the institutions and values that have made America so strong. That includes our armed forces and the national anthem as well as diversity, equality and freedom of speech. We proudly employ over 1,100 military veterans and we work every day to create an inclusive environment for all of our employees. Because only together can we achieve our dream of bringing people together for a better world.”

The very fact that Anheuser-Busch feels the need to put the option to complain about the protests up front given recent poll numbers and ratings data — indicates that the company is seriously rethinking its relationship with the NFL.

So Call (800) DIAL BUD — or (800) 342-5283.  The first option on the menu will be for registering how you feel about the anthem protests. Press one and let them know that as Americans, WE STAND FOR OUR NATION, OUR FLAG AND OUR PATRIOTS!!!!

Let  Anheuser-Busch have it! Let them know if the continue to sponsor the NFL and support the NFL players kneeling during our national anthem, then….This Bud’s NOT for you!

If the boycotts get bad enough, companies may start to boycott the league. NOW IS the time to make your voice heard! Call (800) DIAL BUD — or (800) 342-5283.

Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues! Americans need to make sure this Anheuser-Busch number is ringing and our voices are heard…LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!

H/T Conservative Tribune

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